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  1. Tariq Nasheed

    I always said to myself that i just knew thatwhen the day came that he died that it would be at the hands of someone else
  2. Tariq Nasheed

    It distrubs me what goes on beind the scenes, it really does.
  3. [Discussion] Sexual Abuse Claims Against MJ Estate - Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe

    Re: [Discussion] Wade Robson / James Safechuck file claim of sexual abuse against MJ-Estate After a bad day at work this is just what i needed to come home to hear, great news :)
  4. How good did MJ sound after 2005 ?

    He sounded amazing from what I have heard, would have loved to have heard him on more complete tracks too
  5. Has anyone ever done it ?

    Haha how could you not when such a situation arises. I've never had a friend called Annie but I sometimes fit other people's names into the song instead, not as good, but still fun
  6. A Place with No Name and A Horse with No Name

    I love APWNN, it's a great idea to re imagine a song like that I think it worked well. I always thought the chorus of Al Capone sounds like that song 'ain't nobody' too
  7. The Consensus about This Time Around?

    It's not a favourite but I do like it, it's a good song to play loud if I'm feeling angry I think. Love the lyrics
  8. Invincible Cover: Gold Vs Coloured Versions

    I had silver and green, I didn't even know there was a gold one. Invincible was the first album I bought myself with pocket money, I was 9.
  9. What was Michael's greatest talent?

    I guess dancing or just the ability to affect people like no one else, it's hard to explain but you know what I mean as a fan. Even just his voice makes me feels things I can't explain, like I really can't. No other artist, or anything has ever had that affect on me
  10. If you could meet Michael in a chosen era?

    Any time, it just would have been the greatest moment ever. I love bad era, and I always wished I could have seen the 80s so maybe then but just any, gutted I never got the chance. Thinking on what a couple of people have said though, about warning him about things, I was thinking about that a...
  11. 'Dirty Diana' which do you prefer?

    Short film, one of my favourites
  12. Spoken intros, yay or nay?

    I like DSTYGE, PYT and In The Closet intros, but I hate having to hear the BoW and YRMW intros. The ones from 2bad and privacy aren't too bad. What else erm, TDCAU fits with the song I like that. Heal the World is cute and again fits I think. Yeah I think the only ones I don't like are BoW and...
  13. Your favorite concert outfit?

    Agreeing with most people on the bad tour shirt, but I always loved when he wore the beat it jackets too
  14. How do you handle someone bad-mouthing Michael in front of you?

    ^ I know, they wouldn't make jokes about peadophillia in any other scenario, people would go crazy, but if you're making fun of MJ supposedly it's ok.... Strange
  15. 'Bad era' Michael in THE 90's

    ^ I always heard it as , it's tough for you to be that, but I guess black might make more sense. I've never been sure what he says
  16. The 10 Faces of Michael Jackson (Channel 5 TV, UK)

    I hate that picture of how he was supposed to have looked with surgery it's ridiculous. Thanks for the review, where do people get the nose falling off,nose collapsing thing from? I don't get it, when has that ever happened. At least they mentioned the vitiligo and not said he wanted to be...
  17. How do you handle someone bad-mouthing Michael in front of you?

    Haha I like the cartoon. Yeah the media is to blame for it all, they always think thst it's like non negotiable if it's from the papers or on TV. You just can't change their minds no matter what you say it's so frustrating. Call us brainwashed for 'just believing anything he says', when in...
  18. How do you handle someone bad-mouthing Michael in front of you?

    I tend to ignore it, but it gets me so wound up easily. Recently someone who I consider I friend said something that I don't want to repeat because it was horrible thing to say about anyone, I couldn't even look at them. I have had arguments with my mum about it many times though, when she...
  19. The 10 Faces of Michael Jackson (Channel 5 TV, UK)

    Channel 5 is relatively popular, tends to have loads of questionable documentaries, I'm sure in was channel 5 that did the autopsy shows.