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  1. mjfan1990

    HIStory World Tour Dress Rehearsals

    i would so love to hear a full live rehearsal of stranger in moscow prague HIStory tour rehearsals 1996
  2. mjfan1990

    Are There Any NHL Hockey Fans Here?

    oh my goodness i haven't been on here in forever and i started this thread and the fact that it's still strong i can't say thank you now alot of things has happen since i last been on here well first and foremost i am so happy that the city i live in las vegas finally had a pro sports team and...
  3. mjfan1990

    Secrets about History

    hell yes i love the HIStory album that's the album that made me a huge fan of his
  4. mjfan1990

    Are There Any NHL Hockey Fans Here?

    Re: any NHL Hockey fans on here go leafs go :D we are gonna win against boston in game 7
  5. mjfan1990

    good kid, m.A.A.d city - Kendrick Lamar {album appreciation thread}

    i love good kid m.A.A.d city from kendrick lamar i really love the whole concept of the album and i really love the whole story telling on here i'll give the album 10/10 and 5 stars i love it
  6. mjfan1990

    Are There Any NHL Hockey Fans Here?

    Re: any NHL Hockey fans on here damn my maple leafs lost against the islanders 7-4 so now were 2-2 in the regular season
  7. mjfan1990

    Wembley DVD content - discuss Michael, his concert and performance ONLY [discussion ]

    Re: Exclusive - full songs: Bad 25 cd2 i love i'm so blue :) my new favorite mj song
  8. mjfan1990

    The Official PSN thread [POST YOU PSN HERE]

    here's my gamertag on psn odizz2k11 just make sure your from mjjc
  9. mjfan1990

    The Bad Appreciation Thread

    what bad meant to me was that it was better then thriller and also groundbreaking bad became my first favorite mj album the short flims were amazing i just wished that michael would talk about bad more often instead of his thriller days i think to me that the bad era was so much better then the...
  10. mjfan1990

    What Are You Listening To?

    Re: What are you listening to? the weeknd- coming down
  11. mjfan1990

    The Weeknd

    hey has anyone heard of the weeknd how i heard of him from drake :) i've been listening to him since late last year (2011) and he is a really really good artist he has one of the best voices i've ever heard in a long long time real talk so he has released three mixtapes 1. house of balloons 2...
  12. mjfan1990

    Any WWE fans?

    brock lesnar is back baby he has finally come back home
  13. mjfan1990

    Have you created yourself in sports games?

    hell yea i create myself in sports games i have to
  14. mjfan1990

    MJ's best album

    i voted for HIStory because that's the first michael jackson album i heard when i was a kid and i remember my couselar gave me the HIStory cd as a last day of school present :D i'll never forget that day :) sooo happy
  15. mjfan1990

    The NFL Thread!

    i love football my favorite teams are the dallas cowboys and oakland raiders :D
  16. mjfan1990

    Want some MJ-Friends on my MSN

    damn i'm only 21 i feel old :( god but i only wanna talk to mj fans around my age or 3 years younger 18 to whatever
  17. mjfan1990

    MJJC Member Pictures !

    here's me most recent
  18. mjfan1990

    MJ Fans on Social Media

    Re: Member Facebook ! here's mines i would like to talk with more mj fans :)
  19. mjfan1990

    3 years ago today - Michael's This Is It Announcement

    man this sucks that this concert never happened to this i'm still sad and depressed thinking about how amazing this concert would of been
  20. mjfan1990

    Which are the stereotypes about your country??

    well knowing i'm from the states and from vegas here in vegas were knowing for our gambling habits partying get wasted and always clubbing