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  1. Michael became a "recluse"?

    I thought he might have been embarassed about his vitiligo which was becoming more evident at that time :(
  2. I feel lonely and fear I will end up alone

    Its a shame you were bullied, I wish there were more people in the world like you :better:
  3. I feel lonely and fear I will end up alone

    hey we should all meet one day, then we wont be lonely anymore :) I feel like you exactly, dont really get close to ppl though often end up bored at home weekends. Enjoy the time with your parents if your so close thats sweet you have a good relationship, try not to worry about bad things...
  4. Donte,Randy Jr,Jaafar and Jermajesty Thanksgiving Video

    whats the link to randys facebook? does he accept fans or is it a private page?
  5. Jacksons A&E Show.. The Trailer

    I cant see it, cause im outside USA :(
  6. Austin Brown

    Its his bithday today, he's 24 years old :D
  7. Fantasy world?

    enjoy your youth while you still can! dont be afaid to be yourself, who cares what other ppl think :)
  8. Janet will perform at Capital FM’s Jingle Bell Ball in London

    i didnt hear about this till after they sold out, so upset :(
  9. I did it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went to MJ crypt !!!!!!!

    Maybe when you go back next time you should give the guy selling flowers a huge tip??
  10. Flirting ;)

    You know what, you sound like a great person. So thoughtful and caring. I bet one day you'll meet the right girl out of the blue and forget you ever thought this way :)
  11. The 'Have you got tickets?/When are you going?' thread!

    Re: Got My TII Movie Tickets! SO much easier phoning for the odeon ticks, go mine now :)
  12. Hi any Suffolk/Essex Uk people here?

    I live in Maldon in Essex :D
  13. Where the heck is ( 3T ) ????

    I did
  14. I WAS RIGHT - Jackson Brothers and A&E at the "AfterParty"

    Are we taking TMZ's word as gospel now?
  15. Hey Girl! Can you send me a link to mjjvault please x x Hope you're doing ok

    Hey Girl! Can you send me a link to mjjvault please x x Hope you're doing ok
  16. Happy Birthday to you Chaos :)

    Happy Birthday to you Chaos :)
  17. happy birthday dood!!

    happy birthday dood!!
  18. Whom on this forum shares the same birthday as you.

    :cheers: Wow we were actually born on the same year too hehe!
  19. Atheist thread

    When I look at the world and humans it prooves to me there is no god! :ph34r:
  20. are there GROUPIES on MJJC forums?

    Why do you think she was talking about you? Anyway I remember on there was someone who said they nearly got with Jermaine lol ugh :doh: she was banned before I got get any more info outta her lol. Arent there fans Ive heard of who um, how can i say this, got with Mike's...