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  1. Ndugu Chancler, Drummer on Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean,' Dead at 65 Sad news today. The man who played one of the most iconic drum tracks in the history of music has died. RIP Mr Chancler!
  2. Zac Efron discusses phone call with MJ

    Nice story! jO2HEVc5iK4
  3. Dangerous Side 2: The best run of songs on any MJ album?

    It's a tough choice for me between Bad and Dangerous as my favourite MJ album, however on balance Dangerous is my favourite. A massive part of that is the epic run of songs that make up side two of the album (I remember wearing this album out on cassette in the early to mid-90s so there will...
  4. WATCH THIS! Adam Lee covers MJ songs on guitar - INCREDIBLE!!

    I've subscribed to this guy on You Tube who does brilliant covers of MJ songs on guitar. In particular, Give In To Me, Dirty Diana and Smooth Criminal: Watch these vids in HD! Smooth Criminal: Give In To Me: Dirty Diana: I Just Can't Stop Loving You: Man In The Mirror:
  5. Tom Mesereau interview with Bill O' Reilly - 16th Nov 2011

    Here is a transcript of an interview Mesereau had with O' Reilly on the 16th of November discussing the similarities between Michael Jackson's case and a child abuse case against Sandusky. Mez defends Michael impeccably, as always! Nov-16-2011 Transcript of Thomas Mesereau on 'The Bill O'Reilly...
  6. Songs recorded by Michael Jackson & Freddie Mercury to be released "within the next year"

    Songs recorded by Michael Jackson & Freddie Mercury to be released "within the next year" Michael Jackson to sing again with Queen stars Alistair Foster, Showbusiness Correspondent Updated...
  7. Unconfirmed Reports: Bad album set for re-release with previously unreleased tracks Michael Jackson's Estate are reportedly considering plans to re-release the 1987 album Bad with previously unreleased bonus songs. The original album sold more than 30 million...
  8. BREAKING NEWS: Murray no longer contests that Jackson orally ingested Propofol

    This news is just breaking. Here is a link:
  9. Paris Jackson twitter account

    Is anyone else a little concerned about Paris having a twitter account? There are a lot of nasty people out there who may start to bombard her with comments about MJ. Just came across this incident in July where a twitter user kept going on at her that MJ isn't her biological father. She...