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  1. (possible) Chicago single release: Would you like to see a new C. Rooney mix on it?

    I'd like to see a Corey Rooney finished version on the single - based on the final recorded vocals as well as their (CR & MJ) latest vision on this song. Would you look forward for such a version of SWLM?
  2. Is "XSCAPE" really "XSCAPE" or is it "ESCAPE"?

    Is "XSCAPE" really "XSCAPE"? Or is it "ESCAPE"? source: this reminds me of "I Never Heard" vs "This Is It"
  3. new MJ/J5 releases from the Motown vault when the 'new' MJ (Sony) album comes out?

    What do you think, will Universal Music/Motown Records coincidentally discover unreleased MJ/J5 songs within their vault by the time when the new MJ album gets released with Sony Music? imo, Come and Get It: The Rare Pearls was more superior contentwise than BAD25
  4. Petition: From OTW to Invincible - all albums tracks in their original uncut length If this gets enough votes and the Estate of MJ says 'yes', we'll could get them very soon! PS: feel free to post the link to the vote on other sites/forums