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  1. Joe Jackson Interview on Piers Morgan (Jan 30)

    Re: Joe Jackson will be on Piers Morgan tomorrow night (Jan 30) Does anyone have a live stream link?
  2. Aaron Carter Claims MJ Gave Him Drugs *Update Post 41* Merged He used to be such a good friend to Michael. I don’t know what to believe … sounds like tabloid trash but who knows…
  3. Do you consider Michael to be an official Michael Jackson album?

    PCR I feel the same leave it just as it is... and if you mix it at least tell us it was necessary and we will support. Don’t let us freakin guess cause we know Michael Jacksons voice better than we know people in our own family. Michael is a great album but it's not MJ standars. Have to...
  4. MJJCommunity WINNNNSSS!! The Official MTV O Music Award For Best Fan Forum

    YAAAY!!¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ We won!!!! We did it!!! Aooooowww. Fans Thank You It's all for love L.O.V.E. :clapping::wub: :D :yes:
  5. Happy 9th birthday Blanket!!!!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Blanket!!!!!! ? ? ?. We hope you can feel the love now and for the years to come. We truly love you.
  6. Hey thanks for the info I was also worried lol ;) Love -H

    Hey thanks for the info I was also worried lol ;) Love -H
  7. Happy 14th birthday Prince Michael!!!!!!!

    Happy birthday APPLEHEAD. ;) Best wishes on your birthday, Prince. I wish you all the happiness and success in the world! LOVE- HK & King of Pop Fanatics Sweden .•*¨`*•..¸☼
  8. Oprah Show on Michael jackson's new album 'Michael' *Update Post 994*

    Re: Oprah Show on Michael jackson's new album 'Michael' a link please :angel:
  9. The Jacksons to reform for Michael Jackson tribute show with A.I.

    Well I thought it was that robot in the movie A.I. Artificial Intelligence when I opened the thread :D ... :doh:
  10. Both Janet and Michael make 'Worst Videos of All Time' list

    Who cares about that??? We wouldn’t have music videos or black artists or a black President in US without MJ anyway so for me there is nothing to say about it. It’s just laughable …. And I don’t think Miko Brando or his father Marlon Brando was paid for being in the video. Miko's own daughter...
  11. New OFFICIAL MJ single - Hold My Hand (update pg.1)

    Im glad people in Scandinavia once again showed their support... all four countries on top. =)
  12. Oprah Show on Michael jackson's new album 'Michael' *Update Post 994*

    Re: Oprah Show on Michael jackson's new album 'Michael' it's like you read my mind
  13. The Jacksons Twitter Account (ALLJACK5ONS)/Brothers answering questions on Jan 10 on Twitter

    They gave us an address so we could send gifts, letters etc… does anyone still have it??? :)
  14. Lisa Marie's husband's old band mocks Michael Jackson in flyer

    :clapping: Jellusy, jellusy well his wife's ex husband was MICHAEL JACKSON hahahhaha!!! He will have it in his mind forever I mean, who can compete with that? :D and I don't feel sorry for him either.
  15. Michael album credits (delete)

    Re: Exclusive: Michael album credits Thank you Mkgenie :cheeky: ... The lyrics made me :cry: again.
  16. Happy Birthday Gary!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! Better late than never. Hope that you had a Great Birthday ... :)
  17. Janet Jackson upset with Oprah

    Michael Said it best "Just because you read it in a magazine Or see it on the TV screen Don't make it factual"
  18. Kanye West wished MJ had twitter, angry at media.

    If Mike had twitter there would not be twitter trends it would always be MJ. =)
  19. I believe 'Breaking News' lead vocals are not 100% MJ and I want to talk about it here

    :clapping: Why not check everything before they put it up. I wouldn’t care if they had named the other guy to begin with but now I do care cause they said it’s Michael. I’m a Michael Jackson Fan not a Jason, James or whoever this dude was that sings in the background. Why...