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  1. SWEDEN is showing Ian Halperin's "Gone Too Soon" Help us stop it NOW!

    SVT is showing Ian Halperin's "Gone Too Soon" June 26. Help us stop it! We want nothing but the truth. We did it before, we can do it again!!! For MICHAEL!!! email to Thank you!
  2. **OMG Look @ This Please STOP This Group**

    Please stop this group :doh::no:
  3. FANS [HELP MJ] Email your complaints!!! Calling Michaels Army!

    Calling Michaels Army! Sorry for my English I hope you can help and email this stupid newspaper so they remove this stupid article. We have done this once before and it worked… They even wrote about us in the newspaper that so many from around the world did contact them …. So let’s do it...
  4. Never will there be another like you Michael R.I.P.

    Dear Michael When I was young I wished I could get Cancer so I could be one of those sick children you always helped. Then you showed me how to keep the faith how to be strong and fight until the end. You made me believe in magic your love was magical everything you did and everything about...
  5. Michael R.I.P.

    Dear Michael Jackson I have no words to describe the pain that I am feeling right now. I grew up with your Magical music and dancing. Listening to your music was heaven sent directly from God. I'm crying now I'm still mourning inside and out. I have only seen you once back in 1997 live in...