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  1. MTV 80`s Michael?

    I have been watching/listening to the MTV channel the 80s for the last few days and im very surprised to see that not one Michael music video have been aired? There was even a show called the best 50 classic videos of the 80s and not one MJ video there either? What is this all about?
  2. Come Together (the song)

    Hi, Has the long version (5:30) been released on any other cd/compilations besides the "Remember The Time" in 1992? Or does all other releases contains the shorter (4:03) History version?
  3. King Of Pop cd Editions? (rare tracks)

    Hi and happy new year all I asked this on another board a while back but didnt get much replies as the members there simply didnt know. Looking at the tracklists for this release it seems that there are many different 2 and 3 cd editions out there. Each country has a different tracklist and some...
  4. Sound quality on these songs?

    hi, I wanna ask some sound quality questions on certain tracks. I was wondering if Earth Song album version have been released in better sound on any compilations since first issued on History in 1995? Same goes for Come Together short/long version? And songs like Give In To Me.....the best...
  5. The Xcape release....status 2 months later

    The Xscape release....status 2 months later I must say this release has been a disappointment. I havent played it a lot,the songs are strong but I dont like how they were mixed/overdubbed in most part. From the start I didnt enjoy APWNN by Stargate now its the best track on the album for...
  6. DYKWYCA....Song story and versions?

    "Do You Know Where Your Children Are" From what I`ve heard the song title is taken from a 60s show or ad.....or something. We now have 3 versions of MJ song in many years. I must admit that I was very dissapointed when the leaked mix was not on XScape release at all. (hoping...
  7. Normalize audio files?

    Hello, First of all I hope its ok to post this question here. I have often music files with different sound volume to them. In the past I have used a 5 year old Nero Burning Rom software and the normalize option when burning to cdr but I recently noticed that it gives a some "hiss" sound in the...
  8. History-Past, Present And Future....sound quality?

    Hello, I bought this double cd on release day in 1995 and was wondering if the versions sold today have the same sound quality as 20 years ago? No sound upgrade?No jap release with better audio? All I know is that they changed part of the lyrics used in TDCAU in 2nd pressing.
  9. The new HDTRACKS audio format (48kHz/24bit)

    High Definition Music. Anyone heard MJ in this audio format? I guess not everyone can actually play these files easily? Read more here :
  10. Bad25th [VINYL]

    Saw the vinyl version in the shop today.....a surprize as I didnt know it was available. It was sealed so i dont know how it looked inside but the F/B looked great......and it was expensive compared to what i paid for the cd/Dvd box set.
  11. Live Jacksons album from 1981?

    Heard there was a live album released in 1981 by the Jacksons but is it available on Cd? Also I dont have the 1984 album Victory but is there any songs there with vocals by Michael only?
  12. Come Together.....BAD Outtake?

    Is the beatles cover a BAD outtake or was it perhap recorded after BAD album came out? It has a BAD "feeling" to it IMO Also has the complete version first released in early 90s on "remember the time" cd single been remastered and used on any compilation disc last 5 years or so?
  13. Bad 2009 remastered paper sleeve edition was released last month in says remastered 2009. anyone got this one?Any sound improvment? There is some customer reviews on link but I dont speak japanese......
  14. fake songs?

    on youtube and other places there are unknown songs (at least for me) like "Let Me Let Go" , "What Will It Take" ,"Nightline" and "Trouble" Any of these available in good quality? Have a feeling that some could be fakes?
  15. Dangerous - Test Demo Disc?

    I read on other messageboard that there was a test demo disc from 1991 that contained alternate version/mixes of the Dangerous album? Also read about a 2 disc sampler from 2001 that should have been the Dangerous-special edition but in the end this release was cancelled......1 disc release...
  16. Thriller sold 109 million copies?

    Ive heard over the past weeks that 109 million has been sold on this release. Is there an official number?Any link that proves this? Incredible if this is a fact :)
  17. 30th anniversary performance.

    Since I recorded this show a few days ago in pristine quality I was a little upseth that Michael has a makeup problem during the last part of the starts when singing beat It. Anyone noticed the dark spot between mouth and nose?He tries to cover it with his hand..... I cant enjoy this...
  18. The 30th Anniversary Celebration 2001 concert

    This september 2001 show is aired on norwegian tv on saturday and was wondering if the duet with Britney Spears is a part of the special? If I remember correct the TWYMMF song was performed with just Michael and a dancer in a previous german aired show ?
  19. Victory (1984)

    Im not familiar with the jacksons.....only MJ. Regarding this release from 84` what songs have Michael singing lead vocal?