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  1. Hi

  2. Hi

    Not fully back ste but yes checking in every now and then :) xxxxx
  3. Hi

    :ciao: Wow its been a while since i have been on the forum and boy have i missed everyone i used to chat to and know like brothers and sisters, i suppose with the horrible date approaching i felt the need to come back and reconect with the community. Its good to see it still going strong :) So...
  4. Appleheads!

    :no: :cry:
  5. Rate the Siggy that Posts before You

    Beautiful 10/10
  6. Appleheads!

    :wub: Its hard not to!!!!!
  7. Conrad Murray arraignment January 25th

    Because it is Michael Jackson :cry: Cant be bothered with her and her stupid riddles :doh:
  8. Conrad Murray arraignment January 25th

    It really does, and i hate to bring up 2005 but Murray has been treated like a king in comparison to how they treated Michael!!! It makes me wana screammmmmmmmmmmm and when all is said and done, what the worst thats gonna happen to him?? 4 years maximum which if i am honest i cant see happening...
  9. Conrad Murray arraignment January 25th

    I think if its televised i may have to bubblewrap my TV dread to think how many things will end up being thrown at it seeing that mug on there!!
  10. Conrad Murray arraignment January 25th

    Its all just a complete joke seems he has them wrapped round his fat fingers... He needs to work to pay his legal fees or he will cry that they are stopping him from being able to pay for his lawyers!! :doh: What murray wants Murray gets! :no:
  11. Conrad Murray arraignment January 25th

    I cant believe he does not have to be there because of work commitments :( The man does not deserve to work!!! Why is he getting such an easy ride in all this??? Makes me so angry...
  12. What if Michael Jackson was your Brother, brother in-law or uncle?

    I would be sent to jail for Incest no doubt about it :mello:
  13. Something my Nephew said today about Michael...

    :cry: Thank you for sharing... I wish i was a child who either A did not understand what was going on or B pretend it never happened!!!
  14. The More i watch TII

    I think with TII it depends what sort of frame of mind you are in when you watch it... For example if i am having a real down day where i am missing him to the point it hurts and i stupidy put on TII i for some reason i see everything bad, I think my god he was thin, my god he looks unhappy, my...
  15. British/ English accent

    I hate my accent it is sooooooo boing lol infact i dont even think i have an accent???? Is the Irish accent that does it for me :)
  16. Chilli Talks Kissing Michael Jackson

    I love this soooo much ha ha! Fair play lol
  17. Prelim Hearing-4/1/11 Discussion Thread-All discussion here

    Help... Are you serious???? That vile man helped Michael in no way what so ever or would we really be dealing with this god awful situation?? Please can people think before they say things!