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    believing in the paranormal

    i m just curious how many pple believe in the things you cannot see for the past weeks each time i take pictures i get little light orbs on the pictures now if they d be on the same place i would say the camera is broken lol but thats not the cxase they re all over the pictures and also i m...
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    once as a child on tv as mj double now in x factor show

    i dont know where to put this so if its in the wrong forum pleaswe move Wearing and afro wig and colourful outfit, it was always clear this little boy had dreams of the big time. Dressed as Michael Jackson 14-year-old Ashton Merrygold took part in a children's edition of ITV talent show Stars...
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    thriller bear to be relased

    MJ Thriller Bear To Be Released Tuesday, September 9th 2008 Peter Underhill, a graphic designer from Coventry, England, grew tired of producing designs of cute teddy bears, and drew some bears in what he thought were “interesting situations”. His first was the “Chainsaw Bear”, and he liked it...
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    janet jackson VIDEO message to her fans sorry guys but each time i put the embed code the vieo doesn t show so i have to do it like this
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    Ode to the king of pop on septembre 16th

    ENGLIS TRANSLATION BELOW THE ARTICLE Ode aan Michael Jackson in Theater Fabriek! 08 september 2008 AMSTERDAM - Michael Jackson werd 29 augustus vijftig jaar, zit vijfenveertig jaar in het vak en ‘Thriller’, het bestverkochte album aller tijden verscheen vijfentwintig jaar geleden. Deze...
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    thriller live the show goes to germany

    After touri ng the UK and the Nethe rland s, the spect acula r show ' Thril ler Live' will now also come to Germa ny. So far, 4 dates have been annou nced for Berli n ( Octob er 9, Tempo drom) , Breme n ( Octob er 10, Music al Theat er), Hambu rg ( Octob er 11, Conge ss Centr um), and Frank...
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    pix from jacksons at BMI awards

    no bigger one available
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    mj s most thrilling moments according to yahoo top 20

    Most Thrilling Michael Moments: 11-20 Posted Fri Aug 29, 2008 1:56pm PDT by Billy Johnson, Jr. in Hip-Hop Media Training Nearly every musician in the business lists the iconic Michael Jackson as an influence, citing his work as a solo artist and member of his family groups the Jackson 5 and...
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    madonna loves comfort

    Madonna Wears Bathrobe in German Airport Friday August 29, 2008 Madonna in a bathrobe at the security check of Schoenefeld airport. The singer left town right after her concert on August 28, 2008. WENN us_weekly995:
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    pix from the dutch mj 50 party

    thnks to nelson the performer here
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    who s the biggest star at 50 (us magazine pol)

    i never do this (posting these kind opf polls i mean)but since madonna is still leading we need some mj fans to vote too the poll is all down at the page
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    req videos from all fanparties around the world for mj 50

    i m sure we all want to see them and many fans has attended parties in so many parts of the worlds so if anyone made videos or pictures please guys post them so we can all enjoy yor bday expieriences:wild:
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    blood on the dancefloor

    more to come
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    mj weekend on VH1 europe for mj 50

    i m not sure if this is posted so if it need s to be moved be my guest mods 50th Birthday Celebrations in Honor of Michael Jackson on VH1 Michael Jackson Weekend on VH1 Europe 16th & 17th August VH1 invites you on a journey to the greatest music legend ever known. His music from The...
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    Average people seeing mj over the years (not fans) and their own words

    Michael Jackson 2-Feb-2007 Written by: M Kataczinsky Walking through the casino area of the Palms in Las Vegas My first reaction was, doesn't that guy look like Michael Jackson? Actually he looks better in person than in pictures. If he hadn't had a full surround of bodyguards though I...
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    michael jackson animations

    iam looking for bgger and great animations they are my favorite and i bet you all lvoe them just as much as i do btw is ther any one here who knows how to make these????
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    jd sneaking in janets rehearsal video footage

    this is so amazingly funny he added this to his page yesterday so i m not sure if anyone already see this have fn
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    req original mjj source pix without other sites names on them

    i know they are around but most sites who published these pix had the funny thought of putting their sites names on michaels private pictures so there for this request has any of you got the picture series from michaels former official site without ruining them by other info on them then simply...