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  1. Science Freak

    MJ fans and Youtube Advertisments

    Hi all, As I noticed over the years alot of Michael material on Youtube has advertisements. But how does this work? How can someone use Michael material, put some lyrics in the video and earn money by it? Am i wrong and goes the money to Michael's estate etc or is this plain simpel and easy...
  2. Science Freak

    So what's this funky song during BET 2003 MJ performance?

    Hi fellow MJ fans, Does anyone know which song is played during the little MJ performance in front of James Brown on the BET 2003 awards? The music starts at: 0:26 The song is funky, catchy and very neat to dance on. Normally I would already have found the answer myself, though I'm not so...
  3. Science Freak

    Liberation of hate, greed and destruction.

    The last days I have been terrible sad, seeing the crying people in Japan, those who have lost their parents, brothers, sisters, son/daughters. Seeing the hurt, the suffering in people's eyes is breaking me. Seeing the people in Libya, get damaged by greed, those who want total power of the...
  4. Science Freak

    Goodbye friends...This is it.

    This is it. It's time to leave this place, in the 2-almost 3 years I have been here, I enjoyed this place. From seeing Michael's visits in stores threads and the TII announcement, together with you all, was a great experience. I have met new friends, mj friends, who understand you, I never had...
  5. Science Freak

    June 25 2010, Michael united us.

    On the 25th of June 2009 we all know what happened. 1 year later, on the 25th of June 2010 Michael united me with a simple girl called Louise (LiLShOrTaY.) :heart: We talked about several things, mostly about Michael, because that day was a fanday in The Netherlands. From the moment I saw her, I...
  6. Science Freak


    Where is she??????? :(
  7. Science Freak

    Incredible, I have found the ultimate girl for me!

    Hi everyone Since a couple of months I have this girl in my head (from school). Nothing really serious, but from the moment I saw her, I immediatly felt something. (positive) Today I was looking around on the internet and saw her on a social network. I saw some really interesting things on her...