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  1. Favorite Unreleased Song/s on Thriller 40?

    Even if Disc 2 has not leaked yet, I am already starting this Poll, as you can simply change your votes after listening to the songs. For now you could simply show your excitement for specific (unheard) tracks! Let's Go :) Multiple-Choice possible! ;)
  2. Thriller 40th Anniversary - Songs Discussion

    Looking for a Thriller 40 song discussion here. ;) preferably, no words about C45 and DA leaks or 2pac and xscape :D there are enough threads for non-specific unreleased song talks already. thanks, danke, grazie, gracias, obrigado...! DISC 2 incl. 6 previously unreleased Songs: Starlight -...
  3. Jürgen Todenhöfer - 2 Days with Michael (New footage from 2001)

    from 9th March 2001
  4. America’s Next Top Model Scouts Vitiligo Sufferer Chantelle Brown-Young

    The 21st series of America’s Next Top Model will feature a woman whose looks have previously gathered her as much negative attention as they have positive. Chantelle Brown-Young suffers from a skin disease called vitiligo, where areas of the skin are left without pigment, and the Canadian model...
  5. REMIXES of popular DJs/Producers of Songs from "Xscape"

    If you find any related remixes of popular DJs just post them here! :dancin: ---------------------------------------------- 1. Love Never Felt So Good - Fedde Le Grand Remix (Official) I am not a big fan of this remix but the young generation goes...
  6. Which version would you choose for an 8-Track album? (New vs Original)

    My List with each Track: 1. Love Never Felt So Good (Recorded 1983) + Justin Timberlake Remake [10/10] 2. Chicago (1999) + NEW (by Timbaland) [10/10] 3. Loving You (~1986) + NEW (by Timbaland) [10/10] 4. A Place With No Name (1998) + ORIGINAL [10/10] 5. Slave to the Rhythm (1989) +...
  7. Do you know where your children are - Discussion

    Didn't like the snippet but the full version is DOPE! My favorite on the Album, new and old version. :clapping: The leaked version was also great. They all get 10 out of 10 from me.:dancin:
  8. Blue Gangsta (New Production) streaming @MTV [Merged]

    It's truly fitting that after a long history together and in anticipation of Michael Jackson's upcoming album, MTV will exclusively release two never before heard tracks. On May 8 at 10:00 am ET, fans can go to to listen to "Blue Gangsta"! 7. BLUE GANGSTA Written by...
  9. Whats your 2nd favorite song?

    my nr1 is al capone my nr2 is abortion papers I would like to see if Abortion Papers gets more likes on 2nd position?! :) because in the other poll we see abortion papers nearly at last position, but I think it's one of the best previously unreleased tracks.
  10. MJJC got "HarlemShaked"!!!

    See here: MJJCommunity :yes:
  11. Wanna be startin something - Video-STREAM Online (myvideo Premiere)

    Premiere of MyVideo Österreich enjoy!:clap: not available in UK, US, NZ though..?! who is able to watch it (which countries)? anyone can reupload on youtube?
  12. What is your favourite Unreleased Track?

    What is your favourite Track of CD2 (unreleased ones)? Don't be messin' 'round I'm So Blue Song Groove (A/K/A Abortion Papers) Free Price Of Fame Al Capone all tracks here:
  13. Dancing football fan - EURO 2012

  14. SongVest's Triumph Tour Rehearsal Tape ??! :O Details: This VHS tape is original. The cover has been replaced and the original broken cover is included with this lot. It is 64 minutes of back stage rehearsal footage of the Triumph Tour that has never been viewed in public. A DVD copy...
  15. Where is promised "Stranger in Moscow" Performance?

    They promised us this song as an extra on Bluray/DVD!!! We really dont get that song? why did they tell us then that we will get to see it? it sucks :(
  16. Anyone from Austria?

    Irgendwelche Österreicher? maybe from near upperaustria area? :cheers:
  17. Vote for Box Set of All Tours to be released

    For more details: Source: MJFC / Legacy Recordings / Special thanks to Jessica Navarrete for bringing this to our attention! I got this info from a friend... Hope we can get one time bad tour...
  18. Austrian VOTING (Vote your favourite MJ song) VOTE for TABLOID JUNKIE Please! :wub:
  19. MJ50th TV Specials in German Area [PLEASE RECORD THEM!]

    ~ 23.08.2008 - ORF1: 'ORF Music Night Special' - 0:05 Uhr REC ~ 23.08.2008 - MDR: short report REC ~ 25.08.08 - S-RTL: 'Michael Jackson- Alle Hits' - 21.10 |already REC ~ 29.08.2008 - Hit24 (Premiere): 'milestones: Michael Jackson' 19.00 - 20.00 Uhr :( anyone? ~ 29.08.2008 - Pro7: 'Sam' -...