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    Miss him

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    Tupac Video Project!

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    Nikola Tesla: A Forgotten Genie

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    Amazing Images

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    What in the World Are They Spraying?

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    Best Speech You Will Ever Hear.

  7. *Little Suzie*

    Did Michael ever meditate?

    I wondering if he ever meditate? He looked so young when he was around 50.. And the people who had meditate in many years have these anti-aging, which I see so much of Michael.. And we all know Michael is so spiritual. If he pray to God, then I guess he also meditate. Don't know. Do you know?
  8. *Little Suzie*

    Did '2 Men 4 Soul' stole DYKWYCA's instrumental??

    Their instrumental in this song is totally the same instrumental on DYKWYCA. That's weird?? Did Michael stole their instrumental or did they stole Michael's instrumental?? Or did someone else put this instrumental on Michael's song ? O_O
  9. *Little Suzie*

    Answer some questions..

    Hi. I want to hear some answers from your side.. And you can also tell your opinons.. I need some answers from other peoples view. 1. He was the most succesfull and famous person in the world. But was he very happy deepest inside? 2. What was he so famous for? 3. What was his biggest dream? 4...
  10. *Little Suzie*

    Soundtrack/Spiritual & Relaxing Music THREAD.

    We should have a thread where we can share peaceful music without no singing at all, just only sound. I could especially need some sound, since I am praying to God. I love to hear some beautiful sound in my ipod while praying..
  11. *Little Suzie*

    Describe Members by the Letters in Their Name [GAME]

    Take the letters in a member's MJJC member name above you, and use each letter to describe the member! You can be serious or funny...but NOT mean!
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    Akiane Kramarik: A Child Prodigy

    Michael was not the only child prodigy who were a gifted and talented person by God. This child talks the same way as Michael do when he talks about music and God. This girl already had talented in age of 4! You'll be surprised ..
  13. *Little Suzie*

    GLEE feat. Michael Jackson: The Key of Awesome #29

    I find this funny :lol: "I can't believe my family sold my work. Jermaine, yer a jerk." -? Best Line.
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    I have a request..

    Hi. Can someone make me a empty letter in christmas theme? With a picture of Michael in christmas costume.. Thanks.. Just a simple one. And a line under text. I may have a another request but I'm not sure yet.
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    I need some prayers

    My brothers dobermann had spondylose since yesterday.. I love this dog very much, I have known him in 3 years.. We will try to give him a chance in 1 months, if not .. then we have to........ kill it:cry: The dog have pain, he have those sad eyes, it's better for him to rest in peace than have...
  16. *Little Suzie*

    The Secret; Law of Attraction.

    A gift from me to you with love.. :heart: The Law of Attraction is one of the better known universal laws. The theory behind the Law of Attraction is that we create our own realities. We attract things we want and we also attract things we don't want. We attract the people in our lives, the...
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    Last One to Post Loves MJ the Most!!!!!

    I LOVE HIM MOST!!! :D :heart:
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    Phone Call Between Michael Jackson & Ryan White (June 26,1989)

    The saddest thing is that they are both gone..... :( They are like two kids.
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    Windows Live Messenger 2011

    Does anyone have the new version? What do you think about it? I do. But it's very hard and confused to use it. I don't know how to change my fonts, etc..