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  1. bluemoon7

    URGENT: Community Communication

    Oh no ..., I´m sorry to hear you lost your job, Gaz! I hope more people will become patreons. I´ve been one for several months now, but (since I do not have a job either) can only contribute very little.
  2. bluemoon7

    I have Officially Completed my Master's Degree!

    Aw, congratulations to you, ChocolateDrop! All the best for your future life and career. I got my MA almost exactly 20 years ago (Oct. 2000) ... sheeeeeesh! :laughing:
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    Ex step-son of MJ, son of Lisa Marie Presley-Benjamin Keough died at the age of 27[*]

    Yes, I co-sign your post. I am heartbroken for someone I did not know. But, like you, I know what (major) depression is. The danger of dying through suicide is real, and society often underestimates this. But depression is hard to understand for those who have never been in this dark. Help...
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    Rare Pictures Thread

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    Michael's Manhood Thread - 18+ (Read The First Post For Rules!)

    I know this is way old. But I was browsing this thread and just had to pay tribute to this awesome post ???
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    MJJC Never Ending Party Thread

    Hi everyone, hugs to the party! I´m worn out as well. I´m rather introvert and like spending a alot of time by myself. But the coronavirus isolation (although I think it was / is necessary) is a bit too much, Literally EVERYTHING remotely social in my life got cancelled: Swimming, choir (still...
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    Miscellaneous Michael J. Jackson - MMJJ

    I love Björk, too! Some years ago, I found this article about a livechat of hers. Michael chimed in to ask her a question!!! Q. I have always loved and admired your creativity. Nature's struggle to survive alongside mankind has been an inspiration for me: given the natural beauty of your...
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    IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: It's Time To Start Sharing The Burden...

    I´m glad the support seems to work out for every month! I get more confident / hopeful that MJJC will stay alive :-) Hi Yoo-hoo! Welcome!
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    Coronavirus Thread

    "The Prince of Wales is self-isolating at a royal estate in Scotland" I don't know why this sounds so funny to me ?
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    Coronavirus Thread

    I am thinking about this, too. In Berlin, e. g. all charity points of meeting for homeless people (where they can rest and shower and drink something warm) are closed (if I got that right).
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    Coronavirus Thread

  12. bluemoon7

    Coronavirus Thread

    Yeah, in this time it is crucial that everyone learns about how to obtain valid / quality information from the media. The media are very important, always have been. But since social media arrived in our society, it becomes harder and harder to be media savvy. This is a good time to learn...
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    Coronavirus Thread

    Yes, all those of us with certain health issues have to be extra careful, old or young. I have asthma as well. Not the severe kind, but I get dreadful coughing spasms (due to allergies, cold air, dust, for example...). I never knew it was classified as a form of asthma until last year. My mom...
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    MJJC Never Ending Party Thread

    WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Some Mike in HD!!! MITM & SC = :o :omg: :woohoo: :wub: :heart:
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    Michael VS. Nirvana: David took on Goliath. But who really won?

    It's sad to me that art always has to compete when it comes to popular music. But then again that's a hallmark of popular art ... To be honest, I also like Michael to "win" lol. Just thinking about all the book rankings, and visual arts being valued for its monetary worth rather than its...
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    What are you doing this very second?

    Waiting to fall asleep... with the help of surfing MJJC ?
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    MJJC Never Ending Party Thread

    Aw, thank you, PoP! That's very thoughtful of you! 🌼🌻☀️
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    MJJC Never Ending Party Thread

    AWWW! I´m gonna *right click save this button* :-) Thank you! Reading is the best! :billiejean: