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  1. My MJ song....

    Thanks! :)
  2. My MJ song.... Hello everyone, since Glee did the MJ tribute and all, Glee karaoke for iPhone added some of the songs, so I desided to sing this one... Hope you like it.... :) PS, I am not the greatest, But I try... :)
  3. I made this Video For Michael...

    Thanks! :) and thank you qbee! :)
  4. Conrad Murray is requesting Bail Pending Appeal. [UPDATE] Request Denied

    Re: Conrad Murray is asking a judge to release him from jail pending appeal Seriously?! Murray just get over it! You are in Jail for a reason!
  5. I made this Video For Michael...

    Thanks, Everyone! :D
  6. I made this Video For Michael...

    Wait, hopefully you can click on the link, I posted it on my mobile site..
  7. I made this Video For Michael...

    Hello Everyone, how are you all doing? Sorry I don't post much on here, but here is a video I made a few days ago.. I wanted to do something from the heart and also what Michael stood for... He was so caring and loving.. Please enjoy...
  8. Rare Pictures Thread

    Awesome pics! :-)
  9. Happy Birthday Michael!!!

    Happy Birthday Michael!! We love and miss you terribly... please know how muc we love and care about you and you are forever in i our hearts.... thank you for everything you've done...... :)
  10. Aaron Carter Rebuttal Final Letter

    That's what I've been thinking as well... Good point... :)
  11. Aaron Carter Rebuttal Final Letter

    Wow, that bad. :( Did he delete the replies?? I don't see any of them. I heard he was threatening the fans and such, but I don't see his tweets... Did he delete them??
  12. Aaron Carter Rebuttal Final Letter

    Will you guys be sending a letter to Aaron and his camp??
  13. The Truth About MJ as a Humanitarian!!

    Re: Every fan needs to know this TRUTH about Michael!!! Wow, he was truly an angel sent from God! :-)
  14. Aaron Carter Claims MJ Gave Him Drugs *Update Post 41* Merged

    Re: Aaron Carter The Lying Methhead Claims MJ Gave Him Cocaine I guess I will wait it out.. And I agree on what some of you said: if Aaron's mother called the police if this was true, wouldn't Michael have been investigated, and arrested?? Just saying:
  15. Michael Pic Junuary 2009

    there isn't a day when I don't think about him.
  16. MJ's Bodyguard Answering Fans Questions

    why would he asked for the stuff? can someone repost what the bodyguards said?
  17. I'm so fed up with these 'michael jackson IS still alive' videos on youtube..

    Re: i'm so fed up with these 'michael jackson IS still alive' videos on youtube.. I know how you feel, it's really annoying to me too. michael would never to this to his family. he would not leave his kids behind like that. he's with us in spirit though. just ignore it. they can't accept that...
  18. My poem to mj. 1 year without michael.

    I can't believe a year has passed, with so much tears and hearts still sad. I wish you were still here with us, to here you laugh and sing your songs. God has you now and safe you'll be, with love so great the angels sing...
  19. Michael's Diet

    he didn't eat healthy back then?