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  1. Dudie

    MJ schamelessly used on products.

    Every once in a while I spot products with MJ,or MJ related symbols and the like, on it where I think why is it even on there? Last year I spotted a baseball cap at a store (Bristol for the Dutch) with an identity crisis since it had the History sign on it and over it there where some Chinese...
  2. Dudie

    Cool MJ tribute by an Korean artist

    I don't know wether this is the good place to share this so move/merge when needed. In Korea there is this program where celebs dance on ice and have to compete against eachother to win a spot in a show of a popular Korean ice figure skater. Now one of them danced on a Michael Jackson...
  3. Dudie

    Is there a fan who goes by the name of melissa_mjj?

    And who just signed up for a twitter account? And facebook a few months ago? Most likely Spanish. The reason I ask this is because someone uses one of my e-mails to sign up for things. I just got an activation mail for twitter and a while ago one for facebook. And I get a lot more spam these...
  4. Dudie

    Audio problem MJ's Vision or is it my TV/DVD player?

    I'm watching MJ's vision now and with Don't stop till you get enough and Rock With You the audio was great but halfway She's Out of my life the audio did creak(?) a bit and the volume went a bit up and down. At the start of Billie Jean the volume was going up and down too but was fine after a...
  5. Dudie

    Organ donation.

    After reading an other topic on here I was wondering wether you donate your organs or not after you die? I know there are a lot of people who find it scary and don't even want to think about it but I think it's very important since it can save lives of other people.
  6. Dudie

    Give Michael some more airplay today

    If you feel like playing his music today open your windows and give Michael some extra airplay:yes:Unless it's to cold to open a window ofcourse. Would be cool if people hear Michael's music everywhere today right? At the moment I have my window open and I play Bad Tour Yokahama:)
  7. Dudie

    Do any of you know some of these artists

    Every year I go to a music festival here with music from all over the world. Most of the time I don't know the artists so me and my dad just walk around and stay watching at artists which sound good. There is one main field with 2 big stages and a few smaller ones so music and workshops...
  8. Dudie

    European Jackson Event June 25th Eindhoven (The Netherlands) who's going?

    Just was reading the Dutchies thread and this thread might indeed be a good idea for people who are going and looking for travelbuddies or want to meet up with people at the event itself. And what about the combination visiting this event and pay a visit to the HIStory statue in Best to get a...
  9. Dudie

    Michael Jackson is getting his own Figma.

    I was looking at a site where you can manage your PVC figure collection. And I bumped into a Michael Jackson Figma. I didn't even know he was getting one.:bugeyed :lol: Normally I find Figma's really cool and I really want to have one one day. But this one? I find it scary but let's share anyway...
  10. Dudie

    The Tribute concert of Jermaine. I'm confused..

    I don't get it anymore... can someone clear it up for me? First it was in the o2 in june if i'm not mistaken. Then it's cancelled and then I heard it would be in Wembley instead of the o2 in June. Then I hear it's moved to august. And now when I just went looking for news I came accros august...
  11. Dudie

    This brings back so much memories..

    Today the DVD of We Are The World has arrived. I tried to order it before at some sites but none wanted to ship to The Netherlands. I almost jumped into the air when I found out they sold it at amazon. I wasn't even looking for it but my dad wanted to order something and I was like lets see what...
  12. Dudie

    Do you tweet to celebs?

    I follow some famous people like 3t, some actors etc. Now sometimes thier tweets are funny and I have the urge to reply with something. Mostly I end up not tweeting them coz in a way I kindda feel it's thier private space. But today I finally replied to someones tweet and now I feel so wierd...
  13. Dudie

    Michael Jackson Projector Light?

    I spotted a site where you can preorder MJ Projector Lights but there is no picture and google isn't much help. Does someone know more about this, has a picture or can explain to me what it is?
  14. Dudie

    Facebook games like Cafe World and Farmville

    When I just got facebook I was like nah I ain't gonna play those games but now i'm totally addicted to Cafe World and Farmville. Do you also play games on facebook and which do you play?:D
  15. Dudie

    Does someone know where I can buy this shirt?

    My mom was just watching Lingo on the TV and the host did wear this amazing Michael Jackson shirt. Does someone have any idea where I can buy it?
  16. Dudie

    Michael's clothes in TII

    Overall I liked the clothes he did wear but there is one I'm like OMG no!! And that's the jacket with the patted shoulders. It just looked so ehh wierd. It was a bit to pointy to my What did you think about his clothes?
  17. Dudie

    Question for Dutchies about the TII album

    I bought my TII album at the wrong shop it seems because after I bought my copy I spotted a banner at FRS. It stated that next to the album you will get a TII poster + a booklet about MJ with stories and pics. I looked around but next to that banner I didn't spot the album. Now my question is...
  18. Dudie

    Bye bye old imac hello new imac.

    Like these months are not the most expensive months off the year allready my first generation Imac G5 crashed last tuesday, it seemed the HD is ruined and can't be repaired. Just when i decided to take it slowly coz i also did preorder the MJ Opus. Why?! URGH!! I like my imac G5 and i feel bad...
  19. Dudie

    Michael's music and albums

    Maybe there allready is a topic about this, if so this one can be closed. Anyway ever since Michael's death I feel a bit sad about the fact he has so less albums with only new material. New Material albums: - Got To Be There - Music And Me - Ben - Forever Michael - Off The Wall - Thriller -...
  20. Dudie

    I have the feeling TII might leak out..

    I mean this project is HUGE! So many people involved all over the world. Next to that it's still a hype, everyone wants to be the first to show it wants to make headlines in the newspapers and above all make money big time. Next to that it happened to so many films before that they leaked out on...