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  1. Beautiful_Immunity

    A drawing - Half completed

    This is a drawing I have been working on for sometime, I stopped the drawing back in Mid July. But I wanted to share it with you all.. I love children's expression their eyes, how bold their expressions are, I had to draw a picture of a child in my lifetime. I hope you guys like it LOL. Took 2...
  2. Beautiful_Immunity

    Sleep Paralysis

    Who here has it? I have been suffering from sleep Paralysis for around two years and I am beginning to tire of never sleeping or being afraid to sleep. I hate becoming paralyzed not even beig able to speak when I feel the need to call out to someone during this terrifying event. Its not a...
  3. Beautiful_Immunity

    An MJ drawing! - Mixed Pencil

    Hello to you all! *Pulls up in power chair* (for those who know about Geezer Ville) :lol: I in my spare time, crated another drawing lol.... Yes I know it looks incomplete but thats exactly what I wanted :) However I hope you all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed creating it Took around, 7 hours...
  4. Beautiful_Immunity

    M's Art thread (graphite creations)

    Some art creations I have created over the months :lol: this starting from newest to oldest I will be updating this thread with new drawings so please check back :D:wub: p.s. My scanner doesn't like me lol I am going to buy a new one soon. However enjoy!:D
  5. Beautiful_Immunity

    Some Graphics - Also Requests

    Here are some graphics I have created! I am also taking requests if you have any! Thanks to all who check it out :lol:B) please if you use one give credit where its due not all the graphics have my name on them