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  1. David Garibaldi paints Michael in 8 minutes

    I totally forgot about this guy David Garibaldi. :lol: Today I was checking out his website again, I needed to share this amazing artist! :D He paints while dancing and jumping around and stuff! I think he is amazing! He did a couple of MJ paintings, you can see them on his website...
  2. Big Tattoo & Piercing Thread

    I know there are a lot of people here with MJ tattoos. I'd like to see nice tattoos and maybe what you'd like to get in the future! So show us your piercings, tattoos MJ related and non MJ related! You can also post random tattoos :D I'll go first These are mine I also have 3 piercings...
  3. I'm happy because...

    The title says it all, Tell us what you're happy about! It can be anything! ;D I'll start; I'm happy because I'm going to London next week! :party:
  4. Does someone have this picture

    I just scanned it from a magazine I really like the top picture but I can't find it on the internet.. Or I'm just not looking good enough :P so it's the top photo! Thanks in advance:D
  5. Macro Jacksons 2 (Meaningful Graphics)

    The first thread is missing so I had to make a new one! :) I didn't save all the macro's in this thread so I guess it's best if the owners post there own macro's? :) I'll post mine! And of course you can just comment or take a look! I hope y'all enjoy.
  6. Where is this pic from?

    Just found it on the net.. Havent seen it before.. Does someone know when/where this was?
  7. Lookin for this picture

    But without the text.. I already asked in the Macro thread but I guess they didn't see me askin :D Thanks alot!
  8. Hi from The Netherlands

    Hi everyone, I'm new here.. Just wanted to say hi! I already love this forum!