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  1. mehdiblanket

    Your Most Desired MJ Concert Releases

    History Tour Milan , l would like to see "Blood On the dance Floor" sexy dance HD
  2. mehdiblanket

    MJJC Trolls - You are not welcome here.

    VIP we should pay to have access ?
  3. mehdiblanket

    "Michael wearing red"
  4. mehdiblanket

    Rare Pictures Thread

    More here :
  5. mehdiblanket

    Michael Jackson popart art work

    Great Job , except Batman one , l don't like it
  6. mehdiblanket

    Exclusive: Michael Jackson's "She Was Lovin' Me"

    l've had enough of people stories , l want to hear Michael's song , not stories.
  7. mehdiblanket

    Post Your Favourite MJ Picture of the Day

    Re: Your fave Michael Jackson picture of the day
  8. mehdiblanket

    Rare Pictures Thread

    Yes, during rehearsals Royal Concert in Brunei in 1996.