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    Divine Being talks about Michael

    It's in the video... :)
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    Have We Lost The Real Michael?

    I would say no... not because I think he's not gone... but because I believe that his soul is around this world watching over and protecting. He was a man but also a being that had a high vibration that the world was not ready for. He'll always be here... and honestly... I'm at peace with it...
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    Divine Being talks about Michael

    Esther is a woman that channels higher beings (that she calls Abraham). She was married to Jerry until Jerry passed away but she still can feel/channel him. She has seminars/books that talk about how by focusing on the positive, and good all the time, you can raise your vibration. I listen to...
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    Drake featuring Michael Jackson (TONIGHT)

    I'm honestly still dont know what to feel about this situation... but one thing i can tell you is that MJ's part "It Dont matter To me" has been stuck in my head for the past 3 days now... Also... this world right now is run by $$$ and whoever has it... can get anything... including Michael's...
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    Quincy Jones' New Interview

    Re: Quincy Jones new interview I wanted to gather my thoughts before posting anything here... because i was boiling inside. But thank you for all y'alls comments as I couldn't have said it any better... It's really REALLY Sad how these people come out w/ all Their "INSIDER" stories about...
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    Michael Jackson Scream - The Album

    Re: #MJScream - Coming 29th September. I Like it!!!
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    Michael Jackson Scream - The Album

    Re: #MJScream - Coming 29th September. It's been a long while since i've been here... but i wanted to give my 2 cents on this... I'm personally for it! The songs are from different albums and once people (who are not hard core fans) hear it, they might get interested in listening to the other...
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    Something I Needed to say...

    Oh Wow... :busted: I'm sorry for the late reply... about 2 years... :rofl: I was just able to read the comments ... Thank you so much for all your encouraging thoughts and love. It's been a while since i've been here but today, I decided to visit because I was doing my summer cleaning today and...
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    MJ influenced K-Pop (Korean Pop) MV's/ tributes/ Videos..etc...

    Re: MJ influenced Music Videos Taeyang (From Bigbang) Wedding Dress I'll Be There I Need A Girl
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    MJ influenced K-Pop (Korean Pop) MV's/ tributes/ Videos..etc...

    MJ influenced Music Videos Korean Pop! Hey MJ Fam, I've been away for a while and missed this place very much. As we are all MJ fans here, there are also fans who are artists and making it big on the other side of the world. Well This post is about Mike and how he influenced KPOP and also one...
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    Happy Birthday Michael.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mike! :heart: I Love and miss YOU so much! :yes:
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    SLAVE TO THE RHYTHM Impersonator (From Brazil)

    You do know that Michael did not dance to this song right? Earnest Valentino or Not, It was a hologram and he imitated it... actually better than the hologram I say. :) @Thales : Your moves were very fluid and cool. Wonderful job. :cheeky: L.o.v.e. Romi
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    Documentary: Michael Jackson's MOONWALKERS: Then, Now, and Forever

    Looked for this on the 25th but could not find it. Thanks so much for posting it! :heart:
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    Xscape DID Attract NEW FANS!!!

    I literally had a 3+ hour chat with one of my friends that lives in another part of the country two days after Xscape's release. I asked her if she was buying the album, but she said "nah i'm waiting for Coldplays album to drop"... then i sent her LNFSG and after that, was history. she literally...
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    Xscape chart positions. (incl. singles)

    :lol: And it's doing better than LNFSG!!! It's the Magic of Michael! Amazing