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  1. Formule 1

    aww thank you, Hanna. :) Yes, I saw and read that. It was simply beautiful. My heart still goes out to Kimi and the entire Räikkönen family. :( Black Porsche: Yeah, those were the good old days. My mother's favourite was Senna too. :)
  2. Formule 1

    Hello everybody! :) Thanks for asking where I was. Well, I needed to get away from MJ forums. Honestly I can't think about Michael. If I do that then I end up in crying. Just like... now. :( I'm fine, just can't think of Michael. OMG. I try not to think about him, I try to think about...
  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes! :)

    Thank you for the birthday wishes! :)
  4. World Rally Championship

    ^^^Yeah, fantastic, isn't it?!?!!:clapping::punk::wild: I'm so happy for him! Here's a folder where you can find pictures about Rally Jordan:!31929?ct=photos I've made a highlight video, where you can find all...
  5. World Rally Championship

    Yeah, Hanna, let's hope so. :) Though it will be extremely hard. Here's a blog from him, it's so refreshing to read: awwwwwwwwwwww :wub: Also, I've heard that Jenni is with him in Jordan! :) And that he was watching the Australian GP with Kaj but Kimi fell asleep 20 laps...
  6. Formule 1

    Really? Did they do that? Oh, God... :doh: I didn't know it since I haven't seen the race. :cheeky:
  7. Formule 1

    He inherited his friend's bad luck in F1. :( The rumours will keep going... I don't mind it. For once Kimi is on the good side of the rumours. :D Raikkonen to part Vettel at Red Bull in 2011 Kimi Raikkonen is set to replace Red Bull's Mark Webber ahead of the 2011 season. A report in...
  8. Formule 1

    Yeah, I'm happy because of that too. But, for God's sake, he needs to finish the race on top! Don't let Alonso to win it! Noooo way!!!:doh: Please, let that Red Bull be reliable!!!!:clapping:
  9. Formule 1

    I don't think I could explain it, here's a site where you can check it out: :) Wow :)
  10. Formule 1

    ^^^Yeah, Hanna it's quite cool, considering that Kimi's not in F1 (now). Though I think that survey was from last year. He still could've been at the 2nd place IMO. awww that's great! :) Btw "szemle" is review, the kind of bread you're talking about is zsemle. :) How long have you been here...
  11. Formule 1

    Thank you, it's nice of you. Actually, I'm one of the biggest Kimi fans, if I may say so. :wink: I was a regular visitor here in this thread, I opened it back then but now that Kimi's not in F1 anymore... it's hard for me. I've been a F1 fan since (around) 1988. I quit watching it after Prost's...
  12. Formule 1

    + 1!!! Yes, IMO it depends on the success in rally. But he and we couldn't wait for so good results from him this year. Some nice finishes in the points and maybe 1 podium finish towards the end of the season (maybe on an asphalt rally) would be more than good. Kimi's speed and learning...
  13. World Rally Championship

    Oh, so glad you like the pictures!!!! :D:cheeky: I'll keep posting them. Yeah, that hat is so funny! :tease: But the Kimi look is... :wub:
  14. World Rally Championship

    Sure, dear Hanna! :) I think it's the best if I post here 2 folders, so you can choose which pictures you want to keep. There are many many cute and funny pictures about Kimi and also many pictures about him driving the rally car (a lot in HQ). :wink: Rally Sweden...
  15. World Rally Championship

    Oh, yeah, it's hard to get any footage but I'll try my best. Here's a download link for you, it's a video about Rally Mexico from Kimi's official site. It's worth to download, the quality is awesome and you can see rare footages about Kimi. If you would...
  16. World Rally Championship

    Here's my video about Rally Mexico. Hanna, I bet you'll like the music choices, especially the 2nd one. :cheeky:
  17. Vancouver 2010

    Sorrily it didn't happen. :better: I gotta say that Simon Amman deserves the 2 gold medals, he's simply unbeatable. Can't believe I didn't join in the conversation in this thread. I love all kinds of Winter sports but the ice-hockey.:cheeky: We have some sportsmen at the Olympics but we are...
  18. World Rally Championship

    I bet you've seen this funny video, Kimi the Iceman, shovelman, snowman: :D And here's my video about Rally Sweden. :) The music choices were obvious, for me at least. Kimi did pretty well. Hadn't there...
  19. World Rally Championship

    My video about the Arctic Lapland Rally: Hope, you'll like it! :wink: And I just can't wait the weekend to start. Goooooooo Kimi!!!! :punk:
  20. Formule 1

    Now, we will see which one is a bigger a** licker: Massa or Alonso. Domi needs it and Kimi wasn't the kind of guy. So, it's obvious he didn't like him. But, I'm so happy that Kimi hasn't changed the slightest bit. That's why I like him. He's just himself, no matter what people think or do. The...