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    Justin Bieber Channels Michael Jackson Onstage (VIDEO) - WBSS

    ^^hahaha @ all the comments.. THYS IS SO AWWEZZZZOOOOOMMMM 1111BODYYYY
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    If you could have starred in any Michael Jackson video.......

    no he danced with a girl in smooth criminal video too, kinda the same style as in blood on the dance floor
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    Ellen Degeneres

    my dream was always to get picked for being this obsessive fan of Michael's lol..and then she'd interview me about him and ask what my biggest dream is..and then Michael would suddenly be there, behind me, walking slowly and making this sign to the audience to shhhhh, BE QUIET, and then all of...
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    Janet & Michael - would they have ever toured?

    no, but from the TII concerts was announced to 18 days left for the tour to begin I always wondered if Janet would appear as a surprise guest at some point.. like, Mj doing scream..and then when it's janet's part we suddenly see her silluette in the background and bam there she is and she...
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    Your Favorite MJ "Noise" ? Chamonah!!

    Re: your favorite MJ "noise" ? chamonah!! it's actually quite sad listening to other artists trying to steal his sounds..because it just sounds stupid. only Michael can do them I love his hee hee.... lol
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    Janet would consider remaking one of michael's songs

    I'm norways biggest Janet fan, I swear. But..why do that? What's the point I mean? Janet does best singing her own songs which she does brilliantly:D so why not continue with that
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    If Michael Was Reading This Thread...What would you say?

    I wonder if my friend Mario has approached you yet..he loved you like me! you're both..well wherever you are when you leave this earth, at the same place I'm sure because you were both angels. maybe you can teach him moonwalk:) he was terrible at it, lol sorry mario
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    Would you see TII (the concerts) without Michael on stage?

    exactly, I used my mum' cousin's..they all helped out, even friends..Lol they all know how much I love him wow 17, you beat me:wild: wish he was still here so we could experience the magic
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    June 23rd rehearsals- 11/12 songs as confirmed

    no problem,if you listen to the end of heal the world on TII though, he sings, heal the world..all of the children and so on. which is identical to history live in munich so I think they used that version and lowered his vocals
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    June 23rd rehearsals- 11/12 songs as confirmed

    well sorry but it is the case. Play the songs neck to neck, it's the same vocals and everything, there's NO differance. there would have been if the song was live. the first thing I reacted to when hearing the song being played at the end I thought, omg they lowered his vocals..why?? it doesn't...
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    Would you see TII (the concerts) without Michael on stage?

    I don't think I'd be shocked if they decided to do a show like this. Haven't they allready started almost with the TII tour thing? Wouldn't be surprised if it developed in a few years to "honour MJ"
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    who's Little Susie?

    and he made a masterpiece!! the whole melody is magical I think
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    Would you see TII (the concerts) without Michael on stage?

    lol..I know.. I saw his miming to it in London so I was kind of wondering he's pretending to be MJ there or..I don't did look a little weird
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    Your Last MJ-Related Purchase

    Re: Your last MJ purchase I'll do it as soon as they arrive :)
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    Your Last MJ-Related Purchase

    Re: Your last MJ purchase history tour jackets, history and heal the world
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    Some people keep insisting that it was not Michael during TII anouncement.

    I like how you guys give calm responses... I can actually feel my blood boil a little bit, LOL.. I'm so tired of all the: Mj death hoax, it wasn't MJ at press conferance, Mj is hiding under the ground discussions and statements.. sigh.. didn't Michael sing, I'm only human? He didn't even need to...
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    What's helped make this last year easier to bear?

    well I'm kind of glad I'm not alone in the grieving because then I would have no-one to talk about it with. But, people from ALL OVER THE WORLD is grieving with me!! It's like I can just walk outside and pick a random person and they are grieving about Michael too in some way, either for his...