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  1. Nonoka

    Weird Coincidence!

    Wow, really?! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Nonoka

    Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    I'm following the Twitter hashtag and majority of people are not buying it. And I'm not just talking Michael fans, but lots of comments from casual watchers. I do think it's nauseating how there's barely been any action by the Estate so far to counteract the claims, but at the same time we...
  3. Nonoka

    The "Leaving Neverland" Rant & Support Thread [Merged]

    Re: The "Leaving Neverland" Rant & Support Thread Hi guys, I too haven't been active in here in a while and it's sad it's the current events that have motivated me to post here again. Everything I want to say re/ the 'documentary' has already been said so I have nothing further to add, except...
  4. Nonoka

    Remembering Michael - June 25th around the world

    Love you Michael, always and forever! You're still the same inspiration and role model to me ever since I first discovered you - and I'm glad to have become part of such a loving fanbase. Hugs to everyone!
  5. Nonoka

    MJJCommunity's Picture Messages To Michael Page

    Re: MJJCommunity's Messages To Michael Have already posted this in the other thread here, however I believe this fits in here too :) Unfortunately due to my restricted free time I can't really be active here at this lovely forum at the moment, however my love for you, Michael, has never ceased...
  6. Nonoka

    June 25th... 6 years missing Michael

    Unfortunately due to my restricted free time I can't really be active here at this lovely forum at the moment, however my love for you, Michael, has never ceased and it will never will, I'm sure about that. There are still days where I think of that faithful day and how much I still miss...
  7. Nonoka

    Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' video going 3-D in 2015!

    I'm with you guys, I think it's a great idea. Yeah, I'd have preferred the Estate releasing a 3D Ghosts instead as it's still one of Michael's short films which haven't received much attention from the public yet, but then again, Thriller is much more marketable and it's still damn iconic even...
  8. Nonoka

    Happy Birthday Michael.

    Didn't have the time to log in here yesterday, but I still wanna wish you a great birthday Michael! There are times I still miss you, but at the same time I know that not only your birthday deserves a celebration, but your whole work and all the things you contributed to our world. So I will...
  9. Nonoka

    Madonna - Posting on Social Media About Michael

    Re: Madonna has been posting a lot about Michael lately I agree with this. I bet she's feeling some kind of regret and sharing her thoughts by posting these pictures. She didn't reach out to him in the last years, but she never pretended she did anyway. In fact, she did the opposite - back in...
  10. Nonoka

    Celebrities Remember Him on Anniversary

    Madonna posted this picture on her Instagram account:
  11. Nonoka

    Thank You - Thread

    Thank you Michael for having been on this planet - that's all I can say.
  12. Nonoka

    Xscape valve

  13. Nonoka

    Xscape valve

    No, you shut up! You already did enough harm by making that song be stuck in my head even more now! :beee:
  14. Nonoka

    Xscape valve

    Oh my, now that's interesting! Where did you get to hear that from? It's not like that's the case with me :ninja: But still...
  15. Nonoka

    Xscape valve

    ^You're funny! I already have to deal with 2 tunes stuck in my head (Timbo's version is just as addictive) and another tune now slowly creeping into my head as well (hello DYKWYCA!), that's enough to deal with for now!
  16. Nonoka

    Xscape valve

    Well, fair enough, I've also set that song as my alarm clock tone - Guess I should start the day off differently in the first place if I really want to make that song go out of my head :D
  17. Nonoka

    Xscape valve

    Don't mention that song when I've just posted here! I already lost 2 freaking hours of sleep yesterday cause I couldn't get that darn melody out of my head! :beee:
  18. Nonoka

    Original Versions OF XSCAPE Album

    Somebody help me please, I can't stop listening to APWNN! Evertime I manage to break away from it I just find myself listening to the new version instead, before eventually switching back to the original again! Why did they need to give us 2 amazing versions of an amazing song? Just one is...
  19. Nonoka

    Xscape valve

    Arklove's and Bumper Snippet's "romance" is still going on after all these years I see ;) :rofl: