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  1. nadia_j

    You're banned...

    ^ banned for having almost 24.000 posts! that's pretty impresive ;)
  2. nadia_j

    Getting to Know You!

    Re: Getting to know you! Hi! Well, I'm on the forum for about 4 years, but I've had almost 2 years lasting break. So, I'd like to introduce myself again because I'm sure no one remembers me :) So, my name is Nadia, I'm 19, I've been MJ fan for about 5-6 years.. I love music, movies and whole...
  3. nadia_j

    The Person Above Me

    ^^ is from Germany ;)
  4. nadia_j

    What were you doing an hour ago

    Sleeping... at 14 pm :ninja:
  5. nadia_j

    What are you going to do ??

    I'm gonna go to my grandma's for a dinner :D
  6. nadia_j

    Got Pets??

    Hmm I'm not sure what you mean by saying "get loose", but if that what I mean - yeah, he runs free outside of cage but he doesn't get loose anywhere :unsure::) did you mean that? (my english goes worse and worse) :lol:
  7. nadia_j

    Is it on your ipod?

    Nope Beast Of Burden - The Rolling Stones?
  8. nadia_j

    Got Pets??

    Since last monday I'm happy owner of little baby ferret named Czes?aw! He's so adorable :heart: isn't he cute :love:
  9. nadia_j

    Name That Michael Jackson Song A-Z

    Come Together
  10. nadia_j

    A-Z of Famous People

    Re: A-Z of famous people Oprah...
  11. nadia_j


    OK. But now, really let's bring this thread to life!! how are you all? HOLIDAY starts on wendesday ! :omg:
  12. nadia_j

    You're banned...

    you're banned because... I'M BACK IN HERE!!
  13. nadia_j

    Poland asks for support

    g?os oddany! :)
  14. nadia_j


    It seems we all miss our Playground so, then let's start playing here again! :D remember how much time we were spending here? :lol: sometimes I was late to school because of talking here with you guys half of night! haha
  15. nadia_j

    Behind the Mask - Official Discussion Thread

    It's one of my favourites on album! but I like orginal Clapton's version too
  16. nadia_j

    Most played song on the new album

    Monster and Behind The Mask most! but also, Hollywood Tonight. :yes:
  17. nadia_j

    MONSTER - The Official Discussion Thread

    Re: Video for 'MONSTER' will include footage of Michael in the studio!! I totally love your post, and totally agree with that. Thanks!
  18. nadia_j

    Official "Michael" Tracklist and First Single "Hold my Hand" Announcement

    Sorry that I'm asking, maybe it's been already told and maybe I just haven't noticed that, but when will we get full version of Hold My Hand video? Thanks, Nadia :)
  19. nadia_j

    You're banned...

    you're banned for having almost 10.000 posts
  20. nadia_j


    DAMMIT GUYS!! So long I haven't been here. Time to change it! How are you all?? Time to bring this topic to life playgrounders :shifty: