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  1. Muchos

    Live vocals underneath the playback from the HIStory Tour

    I haven't read the whole thread so i'm not sure if this has been discussed before,but anyways.. I think the reason he sounds soo different from previous tours other than the fact of him beein sick at the time and age is this: The songs on history tour (that are playback) are all on the same...
  2. Muchos

    Why was everything out of place/wrong with Invincible?

    My short opinion is that MJ initially wanted to go a specific direction, with songs close or similar to his style before. Hollywood, Xcape, Weve Had Enough, Chicago and so on. These are all MJ style songs IMO. And right before completion he panicked and tried to predict the sound of the 2000...
  3. Muchos

    Rod Tempertons "MYSTERY"

    I can smell sarcasm but not quite sure... Just have to check. Are you serious? Ive been observing around for while and I often come across these post from MJfrenzy which are all stated as a matter of fact with no source to back it up. Why is this even allowed? I mean theres one thing to write...
  4. Muchos

    Victory Tour Documentary

    Such a tease! So they have it in actual film negatives.(if that is actual film roll scan. Wich means they could release in 4K.
  5. Muchos

    Teddy Riley talks about "Michael" album and future project

    He didnt apologize to the fans tho.. Just that part i was trying to highligt. Yes I completeley understood that part. He's learned his lesson, so thats why he needs proof for future tracks. I guess what i was trying to say is that it's frustrating that he just wont say that the cascio tracks...
  6. Muchos

    Victory Tour Documentary

    Interesting. Im generally sceptical about MJ related shows and doqu produced by msm. They tend to have have special type of narrative. Would be nice to see some new footage tho.
  7. Muchos

    Teddy Riley talks about "Michael" album and future project

    Yeah.. Never to late! But he the apology was towards Quincy. The rest was just him explaining the situation. Also if I understand him correct he says that he already was paid. So in other word he got the money for the work in advance and was forced to join the heist. Also its kinda...
  8. Muchos

    The number 7

    Actually I thought about this a while ago funny u started a thread like this. I like it. He was also the 7th child out of 9 Thriller His biggest selling album had 7 singles. And the name Michael Jackson has both 7 letter in it They say the number 7 is the number of the Heavens.
  9. Muchos

    Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    He's comparing MJ to his next door neighbour.. lol.
  10. Muchos

    Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    Dont know if its been discussed before but I wonder what Lady Gaga will do with her collection of MJ's clothes. Btw Norways rating of the show was a flop. It was aired around 22.30 pm 3 hour edited version with aprox 100K viewers. Online streaming first day was 80K for part 1 and around 40k...
  11. Muchos

    MJ Good News Thread

    Re: MJ good news thread . We had a discussion during lunch at my work and I was asked what I thought. I used the opportunity to school them a little bit. Most people leaned towards that the doc is very onesided and that there isnt any proof. No heated discussion. My boss also said that wade...
  12. Muchos

    BLLBOARD POLL and article: Will You Stop Listening to MJ's Music After 'Leaving Neverland' PLS VOTE

    I experienced that too. If your on a work computer or overseas that could be the reason. I tried in my phone and the vote option was then available.
  13. Muchos

    Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    NRK Norway will NOT remove Jackson from their playlist (3 radio stations) after all. The decision from yesterday has been re-made. There was little hoopla here in Norway yesterdays regarding their move to removing MJ for two weeks. They got many complaints and was challenged for their...
  14. Muchos

    Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    Not sure if its been mentioned already In Norway Nrk has decided to not play MJ for 2 weeks while this is going in. They are saying that they want to wait and see the public reaction after they air the doc before they make a final descision. Theyr'e getting criticism for that by other...
  15. Muchos

    A Media Writer's Take On LN Fiasco + What Next?

    Thank you for you post! It was comforting.
  16. Muchos

    Watch Michael Jackson concerts tour for free on YouTube

    I can see where your coming from and I agree its better than nothing.
  17. Muchos

    Watch Michael Jackson concerts tour for free on YouTube

    They probably wont. With all the wrong stuff they manage to post about MJ on his Facebook page im not sure they even know hes in it. Probably somebody low range from the estate thats in charge of this. And to be honest, to me this looks a little desperate. We dont need people to be reminded how...
  18. Muchos

    Leaving Neverland in other countries

    ^^ Yes your'e right. I just read the article on and looks like its some type of disclaimer or commentary.
  19. Muchos

    Leaving Neverland in other countries

    Thank you for the information campari. Im here in Norway aswell. Do you know what type of commentary or footage they will show from the Jacksons? Also, are you aware of any other shows radio shows that will talk about doc? Im trying to see if there is a platform where we as fans can contribute...