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  1. Xscape General Discussion

    Re: News and discussion about upcoming MJ album [Update Pg15] In my opinion, Timbaland's version sounds like complete rubbish. But I'm not exactly surprised that I didn't like it. If you don't agree with me, that doesn't mean I'm being negative. The music sounds very out of place to me...
  2. The Trials of Michael Jackson Documentary

    I'm just curious if someone could provide me with an internet/youtube or download link to this documentary? I kind of want to see what it's all about before I go and spend money on it. It was the one done by Dana Gedrick and Barry Shaw. I think it came out in 2010? If anybody can help, that'd...
  3. Overrated songs

    Thriller is his most overrated song, overall, in my opinion. Within the fanbase: Butterflies and Another Day.
  4. Conrad Murray News and discussion thread [No Links allowed]

    Re: Conrad Murray News and discussion thread [No media Links allowed] This is beyond sickening. I don't know why I even read this. But I agree with some of you who are saying he's waiting for a nice chunk of cash to talk about the molestation accusations. I don't understand why things like...
  5. Terence Trent D'Arby aka Sananda Maitreya Talks about Michael Jackson, Music, Life, and Spirituality

    Re: Terence Trent D'Arby: Michael Jackson HATED me! What the.... 1. Who is this guy? 2. What the heck is he even trying to say? Is he even sober? "Master Michael"....? Taking this not seriously at all. haha....
  6. Yeezy: I'm bigger than Michael Jackson was

    I really think something isn't right with Kanye in the head. His behavior irritates me. He's always talking crap, no matter what it is. He always feels the need to draw unnecessary attention to himself. I wouldn't know any of his songs if I heard them. Is he really even still relevant in music...
  7. Lost In Music: Michael Jackson – Blood On The Dancefloor

    Loved that. ^^ Interesting article. Glad BOTDF is getting some recognition. The 5 "new" songs are some of his most creative, I think.
  8. Justin Timberlake Will Receive MTV's Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award

    Grammy awards are much easier to win now than they were back in the day. The criteria to win one has clearly changed and I think popularity has more weight now, rather than quality and talent. In my opinion, winning a Grammy today doesn't mean as much as it used to since basically anybody with a...
  9. Pharrell Williams Talks Michael Jackson, Daft Punk

    I love what he said. Great choice of words.
  10. Timbaland working on MJ tracks?

    How do you know that "Place With No Name" and "Blue Gangster" are confirmed for this project...? I haven't heard anything about that. He only mentioned "Chicago" in the video.
  11. A life for L.O.V.E.: Michael Jackson stories you should have heard before

    I've been hoping for this kind of book to come out! This is wonderful. It is expensive but I'm definitely buying this. What an excellent, beautiful idea! These are the books that should be written about him.
  12. Timbaland working on MJ tracks?

    I think this is particularly more exciting for those who are fans of Timbaland's work. It's clear some of you here are. But for those who don't like his music or aren't familiar with it are a little more skeptic. The problem is that Timbaland's music doesn't appeal to a variety of different...
  13. Timbaland working on MJ tracks?

    Certainly. I did say I'm willing to give it a chance before judging it. I've been trying to stay open minded about this whole thing since the information we've gotten so far has been very little.
  14. Timbaland working on MJ tracks?

    That's true that we really don't know what's going on. But some of you mentioned how the music should sound modern. I personally speak for myself when I say that I don't like the music of today, at all. I don't listen to any of it. So if this music turns out to sound like that, it won't get my...
  15. Timbaland working on MJ tracks?

    Mmm, not sure how I feel now, after seeing that video to be honest. :/
  16. MJ Estate Statement Re: Justin Bieber Slave To The Rhythm Recording. [Merged]

    I agree. I despise the music of today. It all sounds the same and like you said, it will all be outdated in a few years. The sound of music today is continuously changing more than ever...It's best to leave the songs with the way they're intended to sound, in my opinion. If there needs to be new...
  17. Man beats co-worker for changing Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' to dubstep

    HA, sounds like the co-worker is an asshole. Funny story, though. Sometimes people do need a good "smack" over the head to discipline them. That being said, he should know better than to turn off Michael Jackson. ;)
  18. Xscape General Discussion

    Re: News and discussion about possible upcoming MJ album Exciting..
  19. Timbaland working on MJ tracks?

    If they release the demos along with the new mixes, I won't mind as much who they choose to work on the music, to be honest. It seems a lot of us here would like that. Has there been a suggestion made to the estate regarding this? That way there's something for both the general public and the fans.
  20. MJ Estate Statement Re: Justin Bieber Slave To The Rhythm Recording. [Merged]

    Since we're on the topic of Bieber trying to be Michael, I recall reading an article from a few months ago (I think? maybe even last year) of him actually saying that he wants to be the "next" Michael Jackson/King of Pop. I can't remember exactly what he said or how he said it, but it was along...