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  1. smooth_criminal05

    Hollywood Tonight - Official Discussion Thread

    I was in Montreal last weekend. I was shopping at Jack Jones (a popular younger mans store in Canada) and Hollywood Tonight started blasting throughout the entire store. It was really loud. Just thought I'd share :)
  2. smooth_criminal05

    Michael Jackson’s Forgotten Fortune: Secret Art Collection Uncovered & Valued At $900M /Update @pg10

    Like I said... it's not worth even close to $900 million. The only good from this is that some of the general public are starting to see MJ as a visual artist which is a positive thing. But I would sure love to see some of these paintings Michael did. He's SO talented. I am surprised though...
  3. smooth_criminal05

    Michael Jackson’s Forgotten Fortune: Secret Art Collection Uncovered & Valued At $900M /Update @pg10

    These paintings are not worth $900 million dollars that is crazy. Not even works from some of the most famous artists of all time have art collections totaling that much. That story was mostly made up and exaggerated beyond belief. In reality, MJ's artwork collection (stuff he drew himself and...
  4. smooth_criminal05

    Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' jacket up for auction_ UPDATE Post #77 SOLD 1,800,000.00

    Re: Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' jacket up for auction ^ This jacket is the real deal. It's NOT a fake. I think it'll end up fetching 1 million US. Just my guess.
  5. smooth_criminal05

    Rolling Stone's 100 best albums of the '80s - Michael is Number 7!

    RS is ridiculous. Thriller is the foundation for all modern pop, r&b, and hip-hop music. Every artist will agree with that. Rolling Stone lost touch with the people years ago. They are biased towards rock acts and have always had something against MJ. Thriller is the #1 selling album in history...
  6. smooth_criminal05

    It’s Official: Number Ones – The Multi Million Album!

    Number Ones is now approaching 7 million copies sold globally since MJ died. Add in the 6 million sold between 2003 and June 24th 2009 and the worldwide total sales exceed 13 million!
  7. smooth_criminal05

    Do you consider Michael to be an official Michael Jackson album?

    I look at MICHAEL as a collection of unreleased demos. Similar to what I viewed The Ultimate Collection as. It's not an official MJ album because the songs were not finished, Michael would not have chosen 80% of them to be on an album, and it lacks MJ's epic vision. I still enjoy the material...
  8. smooth_criminal05

    Is Bad Tour DVD coming out or not?

    Bad Tour On DVD will be coming out in 2012.
  9. smooth_criminal05

    Exclusive: Inside Michael Jackson’s “Hollywood”

    Sony has US sales for MICHAEL at 500,000 and foreign sales of 1,900,000 for total worldwide sales of 2.4 million as of March 19th 2011. Vision has sold 1.1 million units globally since it's release. ALso some great news, Thriller passed by the 70 million mark yesterday for global sales! It...
  10. smooth_criminal05

    Exclusive: Inside Michael Jackson’s “Hollywood”

    I think the estate overall has done a great job managing MJ's legacy. They screwed up the album yes but that's it. This Is It was amazing... huge success and was treated like a massive event all over the world. It was huge. The DVD was equally as successful as was the soundtrack. The...
  11. smooth_criminal05

    Kevin Antunes Talks About MJ And Cirque

    Can't wait for this show! I have my tickets for October :)
  12. smooth_criminal05

    9 New Michael Jackson Song Titles

    I doubt the songs are fake. It's obvious Michael was working with a lot of ideas in his final few years. These are probably a verse here, or a chorus there. Nothing would be complete though. If the songs were done then it would have made the album. Regardless, it would be great to hear some of...
  13. smooth_criminal05

    9 New Michael Jackson Song Titles

    The reality is this.... If Michael Jackson recorded 9 songs in 2009 they would have been released on the last album. I think he would have been too busy preparing for the tour. I agree there were some ideas drafted up in his final months but I highly doubt he recorded these songs.
  14. smooth_criminal05

    Hollywood Tonight - remixes

    Love the Chuckie remix. I can see this being huge in clubs.
  15. smooth_criminal05

    Michael - The Great Album Debate

    Re: Michael - The Great Album Debate (Only Go Here if You Want To Continue The Controversy) The thing is: after Michael Jackson died all of a sudden every person became a MJ fan. People who only knew MJ for his 80's classic vocals. Anything that was different than that these fans are calling it...
  16. smooth_criminal05

    “Hollywood Tonight” VIDEO premieres NOW

    ^ Wow some people are so crazy.