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  1. Any moral objections to 'Abortion Papers'?

    Firstly, this comment is spreading unsubstantiated nonsense and common misconceptions in defence of this song. It's unspeakably difficult for most women to get an abortion without going through multiple obstacles and questioning, regardless of their personal circumstances, not to mention the...
  2. How Michael Jackson Made "BAD" ! New Article By Joseph Vogel ! September 14th, 2012

    I think I read this already somewhere, but it was worth another read. Very thought-provoking. I might finally read Joe Vogel's Earth Song book today. :clapping:
  3. Post Your Favourite MJ Picture of the Day

    Re: Your fave Michael Jackson picture of the day
  4. All Paris Jackson Twitter, formspring and other social media sites [Discussion]

    Re: Paris answering some questions on formspring :hysterical:
  5. Post Your Favourite MJ Picture of the Day

    Re: Your fave Michael Jackson picture of the day :baby:
  6. Post Your Favourite MJ Picture of the Day

    :bugeyed that's one of my many things I scanned I uploaded to tumblr on MJ's bday how weird to see it reposted here
  7. Michael and the ladies

  8. Chris Brown Loses Temper on Good Morning America

    Some of you have a lot to learn about rape culture, and maybe you should think about why you're so willing to excuse Chris Brown's crimes and place blame on the victim, Rihanna here. All I will say is that as far as I can see, MJ's 'situation' and the assault of Rihanna by Chris Brown are...
  9. Chris Brown Loses Temper on Good Morning America
  10. What's up with the RANDY Hate?

  11. Michael Using Playback

    When you're considered to be one of the greatest live performers in the world and perform every concert lip syncing a considerable amount of the setlist it is definitely a problem. Miming all but 2 or 3 songs in an entire show to a stadium of people is an insult to the fans who would save up...
  12. Which Michael Jackson accessory are you?

    You Scored as The Fingertapes cool :D
  13. Michael Jackson #1 Earner According To Forbes

    It is good news... just saddening. :(
  14. Give In To Me - Demo Version

    Love it, thanks for sharing. :)
  15. No other popstar in the world could command this kind of attention for a press conference

    Well let's be real here, the turnout was lower than they expected because the O2 put the notice out that they were letting the first couple thousand people in and they were gonna refuse entrance after that, but only a few hundred showed up total. It was a weekday afternoon after all and people...
  16. kanye west explain the Mj Scene in his runaway shortfilm

    HIStory promo clip... 'King Of Pop' written on official merchandise, posters, calendars, shirts etc... This Is It marketed with the term 'King Of Pop' plastered everywhere... Gigantic statue of self floating down the Thames... HIStory album cover... Black Or White video... oh wait I...
  17. What's to dislike about 2000 Watts. FAVORITE JAM... I'd really LOVE to know

    I get that vibe from it, too. Plus I just don't think it's exactly the most lyrically strong song from Invincible...
  18. Escape

    Good but not a favourite. I never feel like I want to skip to that song, I only hear it when it comes on by itself or if my iTunes is on shuffle.
  19. Any Eminem Listeners here

    ugh THANK YOU. What some don't seem to realise is that Michael Jackson is not the be all and end all of music. If you're a fan of MJ, you can't possibly be a fan of anyone else, right? And god forbid if he's not your all-time #1 artist, or there are several of his songs you dislike. I happen to...