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  1. Yankee Swap with Michael - fantasy!!

    I guess I'm in here by myself....(major pout
  2. Yankee Swap with Michael - fantasy!!

    Ok what would you bring?? I'd bring the stuffed MJ...
  3. What are YOU planning personally on 6/25/2012?

    Re: What are YOU planning personally on 6/15/2012? Oops!! I meant 6/25/2012...the idea of giving to a childrens organization sounds very nice...
  4. What are YOU planning personally on 6/25/2012?

    I plan on lighting a candle and putting it in my window at night...what are you planning on doing that day?
  5. Michael and the ladies

    The last two moving gifs - who is he dancing with? She looks a little like Geena Davis...??
  6. Dr. Slavit's Examination of Michael

    He could have been 127. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat...and he was in great condition. I saw "This Is It" and I have to say, he was in the best shape of his life! About his low heart rate - it's called bradycardia. Most endurance athletes have a low resting heart rate - this is due...
  7. Official Statement from the Estate of Michael Jackson on Murray Sentencing

    Michael Jackson's death left a big hole in my that will probably never heal completely. Life was so exciting when he was alive - I always looked out for stories of him out and about with his kids...etc. I believe the sentence should have been longer. And harsher.
  8. Boycott msnbc/ nbc(usa) channel 4(uk), channel 9(aus) For Airing Murray Doc That Tells Secrets of MJ

    We need to STOP the endless exploitation of this poor soul, May he Rest In Peace. THAT is what should UNITE US. For all time.
  9. Take time to prepare and be ready to be there for each other- The After Trial Discussion Thread

    MJ has to be one of the most tragic figures out there in recent history. All he was was a voice in a body - a voice that could command a lot of money. His family exploited and still exploits his name. He never had any love of any consequence. This truly was and still is a tragedy. Say...
  10. Murray Trial Day 20. October 28th

    MJ had enough money to buy an Alaris pump - he didn't have one??
  11. Murray Trial Day 20. October 28th

    In order to make the point of MJ not being able to program an Alaris Pump, the Prosecution should get any lay person at the trial with NO medical experience to try to reprogram a sample pump in front of the jury.
  12. Murray Trial Day 20. October 28th

    If Michael Jackson had an Alaris pump, he couldn't have done this - it takes some knowledge of computer programming to change the drip rate. I also am looking forward to the cross-examination. I feel bad for the life and death of Michael Jackson. Say what you want, his was a tragedy in...
  13. What are YOUR healthy choices??

    1. You rarely drink water. Your best bet is to: A. Start chugging; you need at least eight cups a day. B. Not worry; you get most of what you need through food and other beverages. C. Drink lots of H20, and skip the a.m. coffee. 2. You're not a big breakfast fan. The best thing...
  14. The Victor...

    The Victor by: C. W. Longenecker If you think you are beaten, you are. If you think you dare not, you don't. If you like to win but think you can't, It's almost a cinch you won't. If you think you'll lose, you're lost. For out in the world we find Success begins with a fellow's will...
  15. Sign The Book Of L.O.V.E.

    I know for a lot of you, this day marks a very sad anniversary. May we honor and keep MJ's legacy alive - may we never forget the lessons he taught us. He was a very special innocent, so loving. I know I will never ever forget him for as long as I live. Signed, LindaC781
  16. could michael be out there somewhere??

    Amen Qbee and others..Wake UP people,. The man is DEAD. Let us keep his memory alive...even though he's dead. And he is dead.
  17. could michael be out there somewhere??

    I agree. As long as we all can keep his message close to our hearts, he will always be alive. As long as there is love in this world, Michael Jackson is still alive. May he always be alive in our hearts and souls...
  18. Kevin-Prince Boateng Keeps His Michael Jackson Promise

    Kevin Prince-Boateng doing the Moonwalk after the Milan Games!!
  19. The Hoax Theory - Discussing Errors, Inconsistencies, Observations and Other Theories

    Re: The Hoax Theory - Discussing Errors, Inconsistencies, Observations and other theories Jermaine has the type of facial "smile" that is permanent. I don't believe he was "smiling" during the interviews...and I do believe Jermaine to be completely honest and forthright in asking that fans not...
  20. could michael be out there somewhere??

    Unfortunately, I believe Michael is dead. May we never forget the lovely lessons he tried to teach us...and fight for justice for Michael.