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  1. When/Where was the last time you heard a song from XSCAPE in public?

    one of the contestants on Big Brother UK, last Friday, entered the house to LNFSG :)
  2. How Would You Rate The MJ Illusion Performance?

    lots of work to do, to make people suspend belief, instead of turn their head up in confusion. Facial features have to be more like…Michael, and tighten up the dance moves.
  3. Michael Jackson To Unleash World Premiere Experience At Billboard Music Awards

    the estate are continuing to build Michaels brand, even after death. They are releasing music that will play in clubs just now, along with releasing rare demos for older fans. People may not agree with everything they are doing, but I can say over the years, there have always been things people...
  4. Is this the new direction for Michael Jacksons Image?

    personally, the way I look at it, Michael hasn't had anything to do with the new versions and thats alright. We can't have it any other way or any other solution as he has passed and with that comes great changes, such as the way his music is now produced and distributed. It is for the best, in...
  5. The documentaries on Xscape

    Nice extra to the album, but not a documentary , its more a series of interviews. Its nice to see the love for Michael and everything that is being done is from a place of that love. I think Michael would have loved the work, grooves and sounds; obviously he would have had thoughts on each track...
  6. What date was WDAN/Beat It dropped from Dangerous Tour 1993?

    during the pre 93 leg rehearsals that leaked we can see WDAN was in place to be included, perhaps after these rehearsals, Michael decided to cut them. He did seem particularly outspoken to the dancers and back up vocalists.
  7. Spike Lee BAD 25 Documentary- DVD / Blu Ray [available on iTunes Nov 19]

    Re: The Spike Lee BAD 25 Documentary /DVD/ TV / Theater Release [Discussion] watching this u know u are watching many dates spliced together, and that the clips aren't necessarily from that point in the performance, seems fabricated, and if an entire concert was made up of these angles and...
  8. MITM different concert?

    i wonder why beat it has a black microphone, possible thats taken from another date? dont get why he would change throughout the show, surely his other would have been sound checked, levels arranged and sorted, etc etc???
  9. Wembley DVD Critique /Quality and other prefered concerts over Wembley go here

    michaels jacket certainly looks whiter, i wonder if they coloured each shot separately or had a master change for the whole concert
  10. Wembley DVD Critique /Quality and other prefered concerts over Wembley go here

    i can't wait to see it! i have to admit, ill watch it if it leaks before i get my dvd, as i dont think mine is arriving until next tues :(
  11. Wembley DVD Critique /Quality and other prefered concerts over Wembley go here

    Re: Wembley DVD Critique /Quality - All discussion on the quality of Wembley DVD go here posting screenshots gives a small insight into the quality, freezing it gives the impression of bad quality however when in motion the shots aren't nearly as bad, it will be absolutely fine to watch in my...
  12. Human Nature @ Wembley Vevo Premiere / AMAZING PERFORMANCE POST 1

    Re: Human Nature @ Wembley Vevo/YT Premiere next week!! waits for human nature video :P
  13. [Video] Another Part of Me performance from Wembley DVD

    it will look fine for any dvd played on a 60 inch tv I'm sure :) compared to any other bad concert viewed on my tv, i think this will be the best and ultimate for any fan, any issue with video quality given the circumstances and the historical nature of the release will be irrelevant come...
  14. [Video] Another Part of Me performance from Wembley DVD

    thanks very much, very humbling and nice u remembered that video! i lost all of them a while back so haven't saw that one in such a long time! its about time the estate listened to the fans, they are making the purchases so why not give them what they want!? lol thanks again :)
  15. [Video] Another Part of Me performance from Wembley DVD

    absolutely!! :) for them to go to this much trouble over a VHS tape just knowing the fans wanted it, puts great faith from me in the estate and definitely redeems them of any ill doing from previous releases, onwards and upwards! Thank you so much can't wait to sit down and watch the full...
  16. [Video] Another Part of Me performance from Wembley DVD

    just watched it for the first time on my 48 inch hd tv and I'm blown away by the quality of this, a 20 something year old tape, in this quality!?!? couldn't be happier with it, if anything turns up in HD in future, its a bonus, to have this concert and this tour, from this leg, is a treasure in...
  17. A Message from the Estate Of Michael Jackson Re Wembley concert DVD Quality [Discussion]

    people are free to think she is a hypocrite, as is she about the estates releases. The Bad tour, that was a big moment in her career, she is allowed to share in the viewing of that and also feel the way she said, about any future MJ releases, that feeling comes from a place in her heart where...
  18. Bad Tour DVD [CLOSED] Cont. discussion in The Estate Of Michael Jackson Re Wembley DVD Quality

    Re: Bad Tour DVD (Disscussion Thread) if the film was used for the Another part of me video, Moonwalker etc, no doubt the film was digitalised and is in existence somewhere, someone has it, i think the estate should be alerted so they can track it down, as they are the only entity that can...
  19. We want the L.A. 1989 concert on BLURAY campaign!!!

    The product info says "This footage was only recently unearthed and is the only known copy of the show to exist" i dont know either thats why we are asking these questions, if Bucharest is distributed without any problems there should be no clear copyright or distribution issues with the Bad...
  20. We want the L.A. 1989 concert on BLURAY campaign!!!

    telling us its the only copy in existence is more of a lie though :P I'm confused as to what legal problems they would run into, as Bucharest was released and was a Nocturne prod. with the Dangerous tour so, the question we need answered is why does the estate have distribution or copyright...