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  1. Invincible (2001) Vs. Michael (2010)

    :bugeyed:You made a thread about it????Burn those DVDs :cheeky:
  2. Michael - I Am Looking Forward To This Album, I will Buy It And Support It As Its Still Michael

    Everybody on this forum will end up buying this album somehow or maybe they will receive it as a Gift from a friend.I will buy it for sure and hopefully multiple copies:cheeky:
  3. Official Statement From The Estate Of Michael Jackson To The Fans

    :) Looks like a great track listing,its just Hold My Hand that bothers me a lot.I like it but just when I am deaf while Akon is singing.Another Day is making final cut that is really good news.Wish if they added All I Need as well but thats alright,maybe in next project we will get it.
  4. After two days of radio airplay, Michael Jackson's "Breaking News" scores a No. 1 Billboard ranking.

    Re: After two days of radio airplay, Michael Jackson's "Breaking News" scores a No. 1 Billboard rank That was meant to be,it has name of Michael Jackson on it so obviously it will go to No.1 spot somehow.Though I wouldn't say it's Jason cause Sony makes billions of dollars because of the...
  5. Call & e-mail...$ony music

    Yeah keep doin this guys..keep calling them keep emailing them keep hating them but for what???For releasing a new Michael Jackson album,something this fan community has been waiting for ages??I don't wanna offend anyone here but the truth is ITS MICHAEL on Breaking News,get over it and if you...
  6. Metal

    BLACK SABBATH..all the way..Everybody hails Black Sabbath when it comes to all are like little kids just wasting their time :D
  7. "Breaking News" All General Discussion Here [Merged]

    Re: Do You Believe Breaking News is an authentic MJ track I am not quite sure about it but it might be authentic track..Lots of things can be done in studio..things can be faked or can be made altered.And if it was really recorded in some house then it is possible that it sounds little odd to...
  8. am i the only who saw some mj influence at the VMa's

    Is it just me who really wanted to throw stone on my screen when I saw that bieber kid performing????Why do they ever air such things??I watched it for like 15 minutes and I was soo depressed to see all that non sense.What'swrong with people now a days,I mean for them anything is music.I don't...
  9. Polish MJ Fans

    :)There were few more MJ tributes from Romanian Fans and they all were so amazing.
  10. Polish MJ Fans

    :)Hey Thanks a lot..If I will need any help I will definitely ask you for it.I am addin ya to my gmail :)
  11. Polish MJ Fans

    :) that would be soo cool.I think I will be there by 26th Sept so if I can get the tickets then I''ll Be There for sure..:punk:
  12. Polish MJ Fans

    Whoaa!!! When is this MJ concert??Woud love to go to this thing,I would be goin in the end of September..Just waitin for my visa,hopefully will get it til 15th Sept.If there is anything MJ related then I would love to attend:cheeky: I have just made few queries about apartments in Mokotow,just...
  13. Polish MJ Fans

    Hi thanks for your help.I appreciate it,yes according to fluff Mokotov is the place where I should try for room/apartment.Fluff also sent me one link to the apartments in Mokotov and I gotta say it was very helpful.. :cheers: Thank you guys,I knew all I need to do is make a shout on MJJC and I...
  14. Polish MJ Fans

    :)Hi thanks for replying..Actually Im not aware of the areas in Warsaw and I have been searching for some place to rent for my stay but til yet I can't find anything.I have looked around polishforums as well but views of members over there are always conflicting.Some would say its right price...
  15. Polish MJ Fans

    Hey guys..little off the topic but is there anyone from Warsaw here???:)Just need little information,and I don't think anyone else who could be more trustworthy than MJ fans:D.I will be goin to Warsaw next month and I really don't know much about the place.:cheeky: A little help from ppl...
  16. Any Black Sabbath fans in the house?

    With Dio Black Sabbath brand was dead in toilet and once Ozzy got back together with rest of Sabbath stadiums were jam packed with audience.Even Bill never liked workin with Dio and its really true Black Sabbath = Ozzy,Tony,Geezer and Bill..Rest all just wasted time
  17. Best sounding live Rock Band.

    Well..if we're talkin about this list then definitely its GNR(but tht old and dead one not current GNR)..and if I have to go out of this list then Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath:cheeky:
  18. Is having hits really important?

    Look there is no Artist who play each and every instrument on every song of his/her album plus those session musicians get no where mostly.and if I want a guitar player for any session I can have 100's of options but we never can never have 100 Michael Jacksons..that's the impact which matters.I...
  19. Is having hits really important?

    Well all these groups you mentioned are not popular in general masses,specific group of people listen to them.I like jazz music but its all cuz I really dig much too deep into but the thing is none of these jazz players make 100 million $$/yr.That is my point,to make money its must to...
  20. Is having hits really important?

    It's not 1970's anymore where people used to dig into many artists.Now people just want everything ready made,so if any Artist doesn't have any hits then nobody even know about the existence of the Artists.Black Sabbath came out in 1970 and really created whole new music but we know what...