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  1. The Brad Sunberg Seminar Leak/Theft of 2023

    It’s the same as the ‘Speed Demon’ Situation.. The brilliance of these songs are seldomly recognized! They are great pieces of art/music. I do see why maybe they aren’t as easily accessible, but they are intoxicating & addicting when your ears & brain opened up to that sound..
  2. Chicago 1945 or Throwin' Your Life Away

    1. CHICAGO 1945 (Has „hit material“ written all over it!) 2. Dreams Away 3. Throwing Your Life Away (Though admittedly, I only know the chorus)
  3. How would you compile a new posthumous album?

    I’d first put those two pillars in that album song list: • Chicago 1945 • Dreams Away Then fill it up with 6 - 8 unheard/unleaked songs.
  4. Lisa Marie Presley Hospitalized After Suspected Cardiac Arrest

    Awful - just awful.. May you be forever in peace & reunited with your loved ones, Lisa-Marie.
  5. Thriller 40th Anniversary - Songs Discussion

    Ok, got the memo. ;) I'm switching to estate-twitter-mode: (imagine a gif art with a Microsoft paint like scripture of the song title above my post) To me THIS SONG is the "diamond in the ruff" from the Thriller40 release. I understand why most like "Who Do Know" better & I agree that it is...
  6. Simple question, have you listened to the 2 new leaks?

    Changed my vote to YES. After gifting myself with 'Dreams Away' for Christmas. And after gifting myself with 'Chicago 1945' for my Birthday some days later. Outstanding songs, which hopefully get an official release in the future. One eagerly awaited. One completely out of the blue. MJ keeps...
  7. Thriller 40th Anniversary - Songs Discussion

    To me 'Lovely Way' is the "diamond in the ruff" from the Thriller40 release. I understand why most like "Who Do Know" better & I agree that it is more pleasing to the ear, especially on first few listenings. BUT: 'Lovely Way' is special. It is showing another facet of MJ. A whole other style &...
  8. Maybe we are getting something soon??

    I‘m all for NOT interpreting anything outlandish into the smallest quotes. But he clearly says: We have 40-45 registered songs, which we are waiting, with the estate, for the right time to come out. This is pretty clear cut!
  9. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    For Xscape (the song) there is only one way for me: The original. I feel the same as SmoothGangsta about the remix. It’s totally underwhelming. Worst of the reworked songs, together with Blue Gangsta & DYKWYCA. The original Xscape though, to me is a classic!
  10. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    To me, the key is transparency & honesty. MJ didn't leave specific demands regarding his unreleased & incomplete work, so in the end it will always be anyones guess. IMHO, we as admirers & lovers of his art are lucky for each & every song & each and every peak into his works that we are...
  11. Anyone going/went to Zurich seminar here?

    It’s like Drax from the Guardians Of The Galaxy.. 🤣🤣
  12. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    You guys.. No reaction to Beanos upgrade? I think his mixes are the best since the initial leak, speaking of the soundquality! What do of those of you think, who listened to these 2 spectacular leaks??? I must add though, that I still haven’t listened to the full songs only the first 30 to 45...
  13. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    Because he did 8 rundowns of the lead vocal ??
  14. What songs didn't make it onto XSCAPE?

    If The Estate still has the same mind set as before, meaning that they want already leaked songs to be released first, this hope could be in vane. As the leaking of unheard material didn’t stop since then: -TYLA -GYWOOM -Chicago1945 -DreamAway -all the unfinished demos from the seminars, like...
  15. The Estate are refusing to promote Thriller 40

    And what do you think will happen next? Number one in regards to the sony/estate situation? They have a contract, the estate privately shifting their business priorities shouldn't free them from fulfilling the contract. Do you know how many "projects" / album releases are to be expected...
  16. Thriller 40 Disc 2 - POSITIVE ONLY Thread

    Yeah it goes to show! But it shows nothing regarding this release. It goes to show what a shit show some of the shit heads on this forum are putting on, including you!! To the thread starter, THANK YOU, I enjoy reading all of your posts of excitement & love for MJ. Though it's a little sad that...
  17. Thriller 40th Anniversary - Songs Discussion

    That is so laughable... So to you, supposed sOuNd qUaLitY goes over a song being complete or near complete??? Or how do I interpret T2001 version being above T25 & T40? 2001 is a Snippet, it's not even half the song, so that's immediately disqualified. So much crap & trash opinions posted as...
  18. Thriller 40th Anniversary - Songs Discussion

    So this qobuz "mystery" is also solved. They took the preview, that was online for the last few months, down & now replaced it with the official release. And I inquired about the takedowns via their twitter handle... Now I'm feeling stupid & impatient! This forum is a mess! MJ fans are really...
  19. Thriller 40th Anniversary - Songs Discussion

    Are you all out of your mind?? The snippets on this website sound just fine. Even Starlight sound way better than the bootleg we have for years. So what is all that panicking about in all of those threads??? You are on a witch hunt again!! Chasing ghosts...
  20. Thriller 40th Anniversary - Songs Discussion

    Qobuz is a HiRes store. If it is true, what some of you are claiming regarding the sound quality, maybe Qobuz says they won't release subpar sound quality under their name/site. That would be a slap in the face of the estate/sony/legacy... But it seems they need to be awaken from their...