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  1. litia

    The Queen of Pop is?

    OMG :wild: That's my favorite from her too. I ADORE that song, it's so deep, so meaningful, so haunting, so beautiful :lol: I also love love Papa Don't Preach, La Isla Bonita, I'll Remember, Frozen, The Power of Goodbye,... I dislike her recent directions, wish she could make another Ray of...
  2. litia

    The Queen of Pop is?

    Of course Madonna :yes:
  3. litia

    Alice in Chains Say Michael Jackson Influenced Everybody

    Sorry if it's been posted :), but it's nice to know a lot of metal heads love MJ :) Alice in Chains Say Michael Jackson Influenced Everybody - Even Slipknot It's been one week since the death of pop icon Michael Jackson, and Jerry Cantrell, guitarist of Alice in Chains, still can't believe...
  4. litia

    Ukrainians want to rename their village after Michael Jackson

    Sorry if it's has been posted, but I came across this article today and thought I'd share with you. It's incredible how far his music touches ppl's heart: Jackson rocks in Oktyabrskoye July 01 2009 at 10:12PM Kiev - Residents of a Ukrainian village want to rename it after the late pop...
  5. litia

    Wednesday, January 7, 2009 (Come Read post # 11!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Re: Wednesday, January 7, 2009 OMG that's where I live now :wild: :wild: I know them.THey're quite a popular dance group here :D
  6. litia

    Guns N' Roses

    Ooh i love me some GNR. In my country GNR must be one of the most popular bands ever :D November Rain, I dont think anyone here doesnt know that song LOL. I personally love Dont Cry more. Their videos for these songs are Epic!
  7. litia

    UK Radio Alert! - 29/12/08 - Michael Jackson: 30 at 50

    Who's just talked about performing on his birthday? I missed that part? Yay TWYMMF :D
  8. litia

    UK Radio Alert! - 29/12/08 - Michael Jackson: 30 at 50

    Well I personally like Bad better than Thriller :) I dont think it's tired at all :D
  9. litia

    UK Radio Alert! - 29/12/08 - Michael Jackson: 30 at 50

    Yeah I dont like this Scream at all lol, but I missed Dirty Diana and Give in to me :cry: BTW thanks for the link :D
  10. litia

    Madonna makes history with Sticky & Sweet Tour

    But 2,3 million fans for 58 shows is nothing short of amazing, indeed :yes: :yes:
  11. litia

    Madonna makes history with Sticky & Sweet Tour

    It means Michael's tour draws more audience than Madge's ( >4mil vs. >2 mil) but hers is the highest grossing tour coz' her ticket prices are much higher than Michael's :). "Highest grossing" here means "makes the most money". Hope that makes sense :lol:
  12. litia

    Madonna makes history with Sticky & Sweet Tour

    Personally I dont rate "grossing stuff" that much coz' of crazy price she charged. But it's really impressive that she still draws such huge audience with that price :) Congrats Madonna :). Just hope she wont become a touring act like Rolling Stone LOL.
  13. litia

    Michael Visits Antique Store Pics MOD WARNING post 417

    Re: New Pics:Michael visits LA Antique store OMG :lol: :lol: I have to say it's quite original :rofl:
  14. litia

    Madonna attends Gucci Unicef dinner and tears it up! DAYUM!

    She really looks amazing, so young and beautiful. And I love those pics of her and Michael :wub: :wub: And TBH I quite like that dress of her :ph34r: :lol:
  15. litia

    Has Michael Evolved Musically Over The Years?

    Funny coz I was about to start a thread like this LOL.This question's baffled me also. Most of the times when I had a discussion with fans of other acts (mostly Madonna's cos she's the queen of invention :), no pun intended cos I love Madonna too:D), they always said MJ has never evolved in the...
  16. litia


    It's a joke, as usual! Tokio Hotel? LOL.
  17. litia

    Australian Idol -- Michael Jackson Night

    Re: Australian Idol Michael overdose LOL, so excited! :wild: Hope better song choices this time, how many contestants this time, anyone knows? :D
  18. litia

    Michael Jackson Worldwide Chart Performance Thread

    KOP's back to No.14 this week on UK chart :D
  19. litia

    Who Is It

    I've always wondered which genres this song belongs to. Pop, R&B,...? It's certainly unique. It's so underrated it's a crime