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  1. The Brad Sunberg Seminar Leak/Theft of 2023

    How do you know the auction ended over $250K, I can only see the starting bid of $27,500?
  2. Sexy Thrad (post Thriller/pre Bad) Mikey

    It's a black/white photo and someone colored it. The shirt is red, not purple.
  3. Looking for pics. Michael in front of the crowd

    I want to add, I always found it odd that Michael must've been told these are the translations to "How are you?" and "I love you". He's talking to a crowd, not a single person so the correct German tranlations would be "Wie geht es euch?" and "Ich liebe euch". For non-German speakers: You...
  4. Michael Jackson Golden HIStory Era

    Someone tampered the colors.
  5. Let's end the confusion about MJ's unreleased tracks here

    mj_frenzy, as he refers to himself, is a so-called Michael Jackson expert who thinks he provides reliable sources every time he chimes in a conversation. The user is known for bringing up already debunked facts or not giving any sources at all. Additionally, when he speaks about the artist...
  6. Looking for pics. Michael in front of the crowd

    This is not Michael Jackson but Andre Santisi, a German tribute artist.
  7. Michael Looking Casual

    This is not Michael Jackson but Elena Romanenkova, a female impersonator.
  8. Michael Looking Casual

    First photo is from travelling Dangerous tour within Europe in 1992 (Orient Express train). Second photo is a montage of Michael's head and someone else's body.
  9. Rare Pictures Thread

    Recording with Christine Decroix Je Ne Veux Pas La Fin De Nous, the French version of I Just Can't Stop Loving You.
  10. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    Just wanted to back you up. Billie Jean: It's indeed a 16 mm film camera. The Arriflex 16SR2 (wikipedia) is the one we see in the photo. You can basically say that 16 mm is the analog equivalent to digital Full HD. I know this isn't 100% accurate but let's take this as it for simplicity's sake...
  11. Rare Pictures Thread

    This is again a fake photo. Original photo is this:
  12. Request: High Quality Pic of this (color) Scream picture

    Which one are you exactly looking for? The first one is photographed off the OPUS book. The second one is a fake edit to remove a watermark. (Click to enlarge)
  13. Michaels 90s live performances are overrated

    Having a bad day again, Triumph1976?
  14. eyevine - Photo Agency: Rare Neverland photos: Does anyone have any account??

    Which ones are you talking about? Do you mean the 1991 Dilip Mehta photoshoot? I downsized these to 3000px for quicker loading:
  15. req: mj in hamburg 2006 highest quality

    They were both tagged and downsized (steady-laughing and mjjpictures). Here's the original and a second one: Make sure to rightclick and save to get the full size.
  16. I'm looking for an image of this t-shirt

    It's from the 1987 Matthew Rolston photo-shoot.
  17. REQ: HQ pics of MJ and Martin Scorsese on BAD set

    ^ Did you mix up your link? The one you posted is one I posted above, it's even my upload, lol.
  18. REQ: HQ pics of MJ and Martin Scorsese on BAD set

    These are 4000 px (click to enlarge)
  19. Michael Jackson's Curls.

    The one above? MTV 10th anniversary rehearsals.