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  1. Dave dave?

    Please tell me - if he faked his death - why would he have done something that 'makes sense'. If he did it, it's just better being odd and confusing because it's harder to track...
  2. Michael Jackson's home is on the market again

    I hate that house! I hope it's haunting up there!
  3. Frank Cascio "My Friend Michael"/ Excerpt @pg151/New Interview Post 3743

    Re: New Interview with 25 Year MJ Colleague/Friend Frank Cascio Why Frank Cascio have to say Michael isn't a pedophile?! I thought we knew the answer already!
  4. Your New Year best wishes for Michael, his family, fans and the world!

    I wish all the best for Michael's children. They are all so lovely. Soon Prince will be already grown up. Paris will be a great actor if she wants to. And Blanket, that little jedi master who even looks like that already.
  5. What is MICHAEL's Funniest Quote ?????

    He meant an autograph, didn't he?
  6. What is MICHAEL's Funniest Quote ?????

    My favourites: "I'm a nice person! I just took a shower, and I washed my hair thoroughly!" "Mac, I'm going to annihilate you!"
  7. Michael didnt sell 750 million?

    That's hardly true.. It lacks China, and in Russia there's only T25. Also India is way under actual. There is also other countries only with T25..
  8. Can anyone answer this for me please :)

    You mean when they met? I think there were lots of people but probably they spoke more privately, too. I am not sure if they met already earlier. I remember reading Diana was in Vancouver when Victory Tour was there but I have no proof..
  9. Did Michael really have HIO in golf? And there's even a video about it?

    I have been discussing about this a lot. Is it true Michael even played golf. They say he was friends with Tiger and was playing with him. And that he would have been one of the best players in the world. Is that true at all?
  10. Rare Michael Jackson warming up his voice

    Nice. I'm really proud of him how he handled it all. He was so down to earth. He always understood someone knows more than you do.
  11. Michael didnt sell 750 million?

    750 is pretty right, imo. It's 600-900 million. You know that must be right looking at the sales after his passing. He couldn't sell that much if he wasn't so popular. And I have counted Thriller has sold 124 million today. But I don't have proof to post it here.
  12. Who ever thought Michael Jackson would be dead when he was totally fine..

    He wasn't 'trying to find home'. His home was in States, he just escaped for a while. Neverland was his ideology, but physically it didn't matter where he was. He was at home either on stage or out of flashlights, all the rest was imagination and he actually knew it was. He also understood very...
  13. Glenda Tapes are real?

    Is she a fan or what? Michael dated her?
  14. Glenda Tapes are real?

    Who is that Glenda?
  15. Who ever thought Michael Jackson would be dead when he was totally fine..

    "In last months"? Why? And if his heart was broken he wouldn't have thought to come back. Tell me when he looked broken-hearted in 2009..? He understood who is ruling and what. And he knew his fans will never betray him. Does this look like a man whose heart is so broken he is going to die...
  16. Who ever thought Michael Jackson would be dead when he was totally fine..

    You can't say anything about his 'weakness' just by looking at his appearance during his vindication day. He was just scared, really scared about what will happen before and after, no matter what would be the result. He wouldn't like to be there at all. That was one of his weakest moments ever...
  17. KOP board may be closing soon

    I don't know. I wouldn't care if some of its discussions will be deleted.
  18. KOP board may be closing soon

    I liked that board a lot but they banned me just because I was criticising Michael Jackson's appearance and that he is not eating and sleeping enough. They should be ashamed because I didn't mean anything bad for him. I have been his supporter for 27+ years now and I will forever.
  19. Who ever thought Michael Jackson would be dead when he was totally fine..

    Oh, did I have other usernames..? Maybe I did. Who knows. But why would I change? If you mean 'growing up' that's not me. That's someone else. I am not going to grow up just because the king of pop is dead. He was really fine. You don't have to believe it but he was. That's like an illusion he...