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  1. About the song Remember the Time

    Awww! at 8:55 !
  2. mj moment's we wont forget

    The First Time He Showed The World The Moonwalk. :heart: :heart: :heart: !
  3. Your top 10?

    OO! Remember The Time Is Top! :laugh: xxx How could I forget! :doh:
  4. Your top 10?

    1. They Don't Care About Us 2. Come Together 3. Will You Be There 4. Beat It 5. Hold My Hand 6. On The Line 7. Speechless 8.Lost Children 9. Jam 10. Do You Know Where Your Children Are.
  5. Which MJ songs don't you like?

    Privacy Heartbreak Hotel Don't Stop Till You Get Enough.
  6. :) Yeah xxx I Know! .. Christmas Present? ... :D :heart: xxx

    :) Yeah xxx I Know! .. Christmas Present? ... :D :heart: xxx
  7. I'm always a good girl to you :) Lol .. Love you sooo much! xxxxxxxxx :heart:

    I'm always a good girl to you :) Lol .. Love you sooo much! xxxxxxxxx :heart:
  8. Look who's on Youtube's front page!! :)

    Wooooop Woooop ! :) Ughh !! really want to get it ! Looks amazing!
  9. Michael Jackson the Experience Wii Game

    ooooooo! I'm sooo excited! I reaaaallllyyy want it! Maybe i'll get it for christmas :)
  10. MJJC Member birthdays

    Thank you mummy xx and thank you for my present ; i love you too. Xx
  11. Guess who posts next...

    No Someone who's crossing their legs
  12. Have you ever...?

    Yes!! :) 6th March 2009. :) Have you ever decorated a room?
  13. Change a Letter

  14. Have you ever...?

    No. Would like to go though. Have you ever.. been to a wedding?
  15. Name That Michael Jackson Song A-Z

    Gone Too Soooon x
  16. Michael Joseph Jackson thread

    Re: Michael Joseph Jackson thead Jackson :wub:
  17. What Are You Listening To?

    Re: What are you listening to.. Taio Cruze - Dynamite
  18. When was the first time you?

    Never either ; too young :) When was the first time you learnt how to plait hair?
  19. What are you doing this very second?

    Aww, we all miss him very much :cry: iloveyou Michael :heart: im watching Coronation Street and looking forward to a lovely Curry tonight :)