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  1. Heya, this is me, if any of you remember me.

    I realise i didn't come back after the death of Michael, this is as i was dealing with my terminally ill grandfather who passed away on the 4th of February so i have had to get myself through this. Hope some of you remember me.
  2. March 27 - 29 Weekend News Byte

    So that tight git Rod Stewart is charging a million for his mansion. What a pig. < a response to that article, lol
  3. Josef Fritzl Gets LIFE

    good, i hope the rest of the family are alright, especially Elizabeth and the kids. That case is horrific and i am amazed by it and stunned also. All i know is its going to take a long time for the family to rehabilitate and they will always have scars. These things are difficult and horrid.
  4. What picture drives you crazy?:)

    vitiligo patches, and sun protection?
  5. Weekend News Bytes 14 March 09 - 15 March 09

    also even though i did not buy a ticket cos of me being all the way in netherlands, with parents who wouldnt buy me tix if i asked. I will be thinking of mike and all you guys there, have fun. And good luck mj, hope this sparks a new creativity within you. maybe in 3 years another tour?
  6. Weekend News Bytes 14 March 09 - 15 March 09

    annie lennox is in my opinion not that interesting a person, i think she uses her celeb, to support causes in order to heighten herself to the public. Without it im sure she would have faded away long ago.
  7. Jermaine News from the Swedish MJJ.SE [MJ Related]

    yep cause mike so big i think including him in anything to do with jackson clan artistically would just hinder the rest, it wouldnt be good for them. people would turn up to see mike not them, im sure mike loves them, just he needs to be by himself musically. the rest havent really done much in...
  8. news..London is on fire..

    lol yeah this is crazy as heck, i mean like i said i kinda feel sorry for anyone else planning tours etc. Especially any smaller bands etc, hoping for a gig series at the o2. This is cos I bet their dates are gonna keep getting pushed back and pushed back. Other than that yeah, anyone planning a...
  9. March 11, 2009 - More Dates Added to London O2

    all i can say is whoever has the next slot at the o2 after MJ may be pee'd off having to delay. Flaming heck he is on fire.
  10. Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz: 'I Want To See Michael Jackson's Comeback'

    ohhh if this thing did have a red carpet that would be the epicness of epic.
  11. Great Lakes Science Center Network

    somehow deep in the murks of my family tree i am related to darwin.
  12. Petition against daylight savings time lol

    what in the heck is Daylight Savings Time?
  13. This is IT!!!!

    Re: This was it. been a fan nearly 3 years and i get it, its the end of the greatest (and final) song and dance (and a whole lot more) man. It is sad, but understand that he has been working for 45 of his 50 years here on earth, he needs to be able to make up his own mind about things. But its...
  14. New!!!!

    sweet doo flaming gee, i am so hyped up like crazy. Gahhhh cant wait for thursday. Insane stuff going crazy here.
  15. Boy, 13, becomes father

    its only if someone brings up charges. The rule is 16 and above, but there's really nothing anyone can do, except educate people on issues relating to the matter. The parents could have bought round charges but if both the Boy and Girl said no one was forced nothing would happen after that. I...
  16. Meaning of Superfly Sister - What was MJ thinking while writing it?

    ohhh i thought what you said "god is jammin on the run" was actually "got his jimmy on the run" i dunno which one is the case now. And one is more obvious than the other.
  17. What's the hit of the day that you was born?

    then in same year 23 Nov Michael Jackson Black Or White 2
  18. What's the hit of the day that you was born?

    13 Jul Bryan Adams (Everything I Do) I Do It For You 16