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  1. Paris wants to have deleted her fake Instagram-account

    Just wanted to make a note here. In this case, I don't think Paris' asking people on social media for help is necessarily indicative of a lack of help from her family. I've seen people make similar requests like this on social media. It seems that the more flags a given account, tweet, video...
  2. Jackson Family Photos

    Re: Family Photos Heh. Your words about having respect for agreeing to disagree are absolutely hypocritical. I calmly gave some possible explanations for LaToya's behavior, and it never even occurred to me that things would turn nasty. Yet they did - - because you chose to act like a snarky...
  3. Jackson Family Photos

    Re: Family Photos So you were indeed serious in what you said about it being creepy, yet you send me a negative rep and say I need to lighten up and switch to decaf? What's more I took the time to ask if you were joking or serious, and I simply explained why she might be behaving that way...
  4. Jermaine Jackson Says Xscape Is Just Wrong Without Me

    Wait a minute. I understand not wanting a Michael Jackson song or album being released without Michae's involvement but...he has no problem with the "Jackson 5" not including Michael...who was the star? Without Michael, it's the Jackson 4, or just The Jacksons. But not the Jackson 5.
  5. Noticed you were on, so I decided to pop in for a minute. How's your weekend going? ��

    Noticed you were on, so I decided to pop in for a minute. How's your weekend going? ��
  6. Paris Jackson Fan Art

    :blink: Ok...what exactly is all this about? I'm assuming there has to be way more to this back-and-forth than just posting pictures or fanart...?
  7. Debbie Rowe Wants Michael Jackson's Kids Back -- Going To Court for Custody

    Not interested in getting into this argument, but a quick comment here. The "Lost Boys" question came immediately after a sentence referencing public perception, and I think AliCat was merely quoting the public's own question, not personally asking the question.
  8. Some info on the Chandlers

    Thank you for all of the info! And I was not making excuses for him. Making horrendous false accusations about MJ is about the last thing I'd be inclined to make excuses for. I just saw another possible explanation for his behavior, besides just being a Goddarned liar. I can somewhat understand...
  9. Some info on the Chandlers

    I just wanted to say something about Jordan. According to this article (It's a fantastic one, btw. I recommend reading the entire thing.) Jordan consistently denied any abuse until after being administered a drug that's known for it's ability to allow false memories to be created...
  10. Jackson Family Photos

    Re: Family Photos No problem; happy to share! ^^
  11. Jackson Family Photos

    Re: Family Photos First two are from the children's hospital visit. (: Last one is of Paris and Genevieve. Next-to-last looks like Paris, Michaela, and an unidentified male friend. Maybe Spencer? The clothes look about right...
  12. Can someone be racist and an MJ fan at the same time?

    Short answer to the main question of this thread: YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!!
  13. The most absurd conversation in the forum

    What? Why does this matter? You're already under my genjutsu! ?
  14. Debbie Rowe Wants Michael Jackson's Kids Back -- Going To Court for Custody

    I've read nearly this entire thread, so I can't even recall if anyone has already posted this or not. Tabloid vs tabloid, eh? Which one are we supposed to believe. Also, even if this were true, it doesn't negate the custody issue. Plus, it would still mean Rowe is chummy with a slimy little...
  15. The most absurd conversation in the forum

    Argh! Those cheeky grapes are so exasperating! Always acting fresh and working me like a servant, but then they want to wine and act all crushed if I press them the slightest bit!
  16. Jackson Family Photos

    Re: Family Photos Are you joking or serious here? MJ's her brother - - her late brother, no less. Maybe all this is a reaction to losing him. Paris had that big collage on her wall containing tons of photos of her dad. seems several Jacksons have a tendency towards collecting...
  17. Count To A Million (-:

    46! 😄
  18. This or That

    Dance! Golden Retriever or Siberian Husky?
  19. Little boy Jotta A - amazing!

    AMAZING AND SO BEAUTIFUL!!! What more do I need to say? ^^
  20. Sexual Objectification: What It Is, Why It's Damaging, And How We Change It

    Thank you so much for posting this!! God bless!! ^^