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  1. The Photo... (no pic in post)

    I completely agree. It never should have been released outside the courtroom.
  2. MJ Forever Tribute/ MJJC Statement / Estate statement / Fan letter pg51/ GLE put on administration

    Re: MJJC Official Statement about Michael Forever Tribute / Tribute discussion / Estate statement @p It becomes more and more obvious why Michael did not leave his family in charge of his affairs.
  3. Tom Mesereau Talks Michael, upcoming Trial, etc

    You can also hear this podcast on iTunes. I subscribed. Look for Positively Michael.
  4. Michael Jackson’s Forgotten Fortune: Secret Art Collection Uncovered & Valued At $900M /Update @pg10

    Since when are tabloid stories from the Star reported as credible news on this forum? I guess that proves I haven't been around in a while.
  5. Top 10 Mobile TV Moments: Michael Jackson’s Death, World Cup Lead

    I'm surprised the royal wedding didn't rank higher. This is one "number one" I wish Michael didn't have. :no:
  6. Katherine PP&B on GMA 2/25 Interview Post 208

    Re: Katherine PP&B on GMA 2/25 Regarding Jermaine's twitter..... idea that Michael's children are "pimped out" is unjust.This media-like hysteria is built on a few mins of tv & ignores private love/welfare Then don't put them on TV. Let them be children. Let them do charitable work, go to...
  7. New Katherine Jackson Interview, Life after Michael Jackson, raising his kids & laws

    Here's my two cents.... It's becoming more and more clear why Michael set up his will the way he did. He wanted Katherine out of the business of his estate. Michael wanted to provide for her, but leave all the day-to-day drama to others. I love Katherine. She is eighty years old and is...
  8. Discovery Cancels MJ Autopsy Show

    Great news to start the new year!
  9. Fans and Their Family members playing MJ: The Experience

    Our family is having a lot of fun with it!
  10. Cascio Tracks Debate Thread

    Re: So, what's the general consensus on Keep Your Head Up? It's Michael and it's a beautiful song.
  11. Behind the Mask - Official Discussion Thread

    Re: The "Behind the Mask" Thread [Merged] Love it! It's got me dancing!!!
  12. Breaking news starting to grow on anyone else?

    I like it, but Hollywood Tonight is my favorite!!
  13. Behind the Mask - Official Discussion Thread

    Re: The "Behind the Mask" Thread [Merged] Whoooo love this song! Makes you want to get up and dance!
  14. Is anyone finding it all a bit too much ?

    I agree. I keep reminding myself. Despite all the controversy: --Whether Michael is really "Michael" singing. --Should the songs be released? --Is this what he would have wanted? --Someone calls another person this, that and the other thing all in "defense" of Michael and their...
  15. Teddy Riley Articles Regarding MICHAEL

    Re: 3 brand new songs 13 dec Teddy says Co-Sign!
  16. Oprah Show on Michael jackson's new album 'Michael' *Update Post 994*

    Michael shared love and joy with this family. He must have felt safe and loved in their presence. What a gift for him! How wonderful and heartbreaking that he spoke to them only days before his death. I'm at peace and over the controversy about the Cascio tracks. Believe what you need to...
  17. Michael - A Celebration

    That's a beautiful story. Prayers for the little girl and her family.
  18. Behind the Mask - Official Discussion Thread

    Re: The "Behind the Mask" Thread [Merged] Love it!