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  1. I just wanna kill myself

    I hate depression I hate life I can't take this anymore I don't wanna live anymore HELP!
  2. Merry christmas guys!

    Just would like to wish everyone a merry chrstmas and a happy new year
  3. britney spears drags diane sawyer!

    Britney spears trecently went on her ig account and blasted diane sawyer about the 2003 interview she had with her! brit said how she was only 22 at the time and didnt now who to trust when it comes to interviews
  4. sims 4 game

    Was wondering if any of ypou play sims 4? i used to but tryimg to download it now
  5. Confirmed - Leaving Neverland is No Longer on Netflix

    It has been confirmed on twitter netflix will no longer show leaving neverland!
  6. Ron Burkle Restoring Neverland

    Fans have seen a castle and what looks like a train track on the propety of neverland , so could this mean mr burkle is restoring neverland?
  7. New Interview on New York Magazine/Post?

    I recently saw on facebook that paris done an interview with new york magazine /post and she was talking bout mj being accused of the sexual abuse allegations and she got emtional. Does anyone know where i can find that interview?
  8. MJ Estate Suing Disney

    The mj estate are suing disney for some reason i dont know the excat details but was wondering if someone knows why
  9. are there any remaing mj aussie fans here?

    Id like to get in touch with fellow aussie fans and hoping i could find some here?
  10. loving the new mjjc look

    I have noticed some changes into this website which is awesome WELL DONE GAZ! love ir
  11. MJJ Forum is Coming Back!

    Hope gaz doesnt mind me writing this but saw on twitter mjjforum is coming bck not sure when but appreately it is :)
  12. New book on mike called '' michael jackson off the wall''

    Hey guys i was wondering if any of you have read this new mj book called '' michael jackson off the wall'' ? i saw it in the bookstore and was wanting to know if it good or bad
  13. mj estate promting invincible on twitter????

    Can someone explain to me if that is true cuz I saw something about it on Twitter and idk what's going on
  14. Are any of you melbourne MJJC members still alive? Lol

    I've noticed a lot of you Melbourne mj fans don't post on here much anymore and was wondering where ya'll at??!!! I miss chatting with you all :(
  15. Joe Jackson's Health

    I just read that Joe has passed this true:??,
  16. thriller live thread

    Hey guys I was wondering if we can make a thread for the thriller live shows since its touring Australia I would like to chat with other fans who have seen it
  17. ciao e tutti!

    Ciao a tutti il mio nome è jessica e il mio background è italiano. Stato un grande fan di michael tutta la mia vita, mi auguro di incontrare più fans italiani qui
  18. Just wanted to let you guys know

    As some of you have noticed I haven't been around lately the reason being is I haven't been well. I lost my hearing and not sleeping and have been told its a possibil but ity highly unlikely that i have a brain tumor . I may not be around the forum much as I'm trying to sort my self out...
  19. New mj book

    I heard bout this new mj book bout his chairity work and was wondering if it acknowleged by the estate?
  20. Ben affleck to be batman in new batman movie!......what do you guys think????

    Ben Affleck has been named as the next actor to don Batman's black cape. Affleck and filmmaker Zack Snyder will create a new incarnation of the character in Snyder's as-yet-untitled project, which will bring Batman and Superman together for the first time on the big screen, it was...