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    Jackson Family Photos

    Re: Family Photos it's jimmy safechuck
  2. Soso Deaf

    Jackson Family Photos

    Re: Family Photos nah fur is not kewl
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    Taryll Jackson tweets...

    the issue, sm, is that all the money she gets goes to the moonies for that damn lawsuit she defaulted on. so no matter how much she gets, she doesn't keep it. now what she keeps or is left over in her account each month, is hers to will away. so i ASSume their logic is, y r we gonna give her...
  4. Soso Deaf

    Legal Fight Brewing in Jackson House UPDATE POST #172 - 17/6

    oi, love! u too! he was doing what katherine said. be nice and make her feel comfy. O was there to seemike's kids, nothing more, nothing less. not to speak to joe or kat but those kids. that's it. so no matter what profound thing he said, she would've brushed him off. in fact, she was so...
  5. Soso Deaf

    Only, Katherine Jackson and Michael's Children Living in New Home

    the house is SO michael. how glorious. hell maybe they'll be comfy there and buy it. tmz is tmz....the jesus juice thing doesn't matter much anymore, does it?
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    cin cin and i agree
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    Taryll Jackson tweets...

    wasn't he removed from the song? kinda funny he says the album is bogus yet he's on a song. that fam has serious issues and the w/ the bitchfit that taryll threw, he all but secured his obscurity in the industry. sorry sony thought ur songs were wack. let it go.
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    Legal Fight Brewing in Jackson House UPDATE POST #172 - 17/6

    donte is one of the brightest and most compassionate young men i have ever met. he reminds me so much of michael, it's eerie. him, randy jr, and jermajesty, those three are innocent in all of this. the rest, eh don't let the door hit ya. ya have to think, these kids were raised in that...
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    Taryll Jackson tweets...

    incorrect. katherine is a SHORT TERM beneficiary of the will. that's y the family at first was excited b/c she got 40% but then they realized once she dies, her portion goes back to mike's kids. she cannot will her 40% away. provisions are in place that state if jr, paris, and blanket do NOT...
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    Jackie Jackson 'never heard' of Michael's secret family

    it's funny how close they want to pretend they were to mike. he's met the family, i dont' think he realizes that people grow up. so many are suprised when i tell them that oh gee, when u saw mike w/ boys they were either the cascios or his cousins and now they're men and this is what they look...
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    =) lmao well im back now so we can all rejoice.
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    "It's not Michael Jackson" - Will.I.Am

    haha he's just pissed cuz his album tanked. im sure his tracks w/ mj will come out once the bep's flop again.
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    ah thanx love!
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    i don't see drama starting and i don't see why u had to make this so acrimonious. it makes no sense. if i wanted drama, i'd go to kop'd. ur more then welcome to send me a pm and we can talk there if u feel things will get out of hand on here.
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    ok let's start shall we? it's a board that has threads just like this, correct? and when things pertained to something i knew about or had direct info on, i would comment. as days and weeks have gone on, i have not posted in those threads and i have not kept up with that news only the little...
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    Teddy Riley opens blog, starting with a message to Michael

    oi love shut up! haha my ricky poo it IS really him. his kids have confirmed it over and over again. as a matter of fact, he was VERY nice and polite and KIND to many fans who bashed him repeatedly. it was only after a week that he snapped and fought back. sorry guys, he's not mike. he's not...
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    haha HEY yea it's me. how have u been?
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    oh i KNOW u ain't getting gully w/ my ass honey. don't even start w/ me. i don't know when the prelim is starting and to be quite honest, idgaf. im not gonna pretend like he's gonna get justice so y am i gonna follow something in vain? and trish can come back if she wants to. is that a...
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    'ello. how's the board been?
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    Teddy Riley opens blog, starting with a message to Michael

    ive been dming him. he's not doing well since mike died. many of the first fans who attacked him were the beLIEvers so part of me wants to believe he's doing it to mess w/ them. another part of me thinks that it's easier for him to think mike is alive then to come out and realize he's dead but...