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  1. The list of people, you want to avoid.

    I really gotta say, the MJ detractors that really piss me off the most are the ones that when you present all the court documents and all the facts that would absolutley clear MJ's name from any wrongdong, they'll just say "Well you're only defending Michael because you're a fan of his music."...
  2. Was Michael Jackson Autistic?

    I cant' say whether or whether not MJ had autism or not but he ABSOLUTLEY 10000% had CPTSD stemming from multiple sources. First was Joe Jackson's phyiscal, verbal, and emotional abuse of him and his siblings, then was the trappings of worldwide adoration and not being able to live a normal life...
  3. Create a Thriller Tour setlist

    Honestly, Every single time I try to envision a "Thriller tour", the Victory tour is the first thing that really comes to mind...It basically WAS the Thriller tour, unlike the Destiny and Triumph tours, absolutley nothing from Victory was performed on the Victory tour, not even a small snippet...
  4. Rolling Stones are a DISGRACE!!!

    Put it to you this way, I'm a metalhead through and through, I love singers like Bruce Dickinson, Geoff Tate, James LaBrie, Rob Halford, Ronnie James Dio....Michael Jackson is still in my personal top 15 if not my top 10.
  5. Rolling Stones are a DISGRACE!!!

    Its one thing if you don't think MJ's number one, but to rank him at #86 is just downright insulting.
  6. The list of people, you want to avoid.

    The WORST is that all of these same fans are now going and giving Wolfgang Van Halen a shit ton of shit on social media because he doesn't want to give up Mammoth and reform VH with Alex, Michael Anthony and the three singers. These people are so fucking entitled it's not even funny. It's like...
  7. The list of people, you want to avoid.

    I swear Van Halens biggest haters are sometimes their own damn fans.
  8. The list of people, you want to avoid.

    Van Halen is my favorite band of all time and I've known for ages that place is an absolute cesspit
  9. Was It A Mistake Not Broadcasting The 2005 Trial Live ?

    As much as I respect Tom Meserau's point of view, I do feel like if the trial had been televised like OJ, the media wouldn't be able to convienently ignore the fact that each graphic, selacious testimony was being promptly laughed out of court with each cross examination.
  10. Leaving Neverland - Three Years Later

    And it's also important to point out that although #justiceforjohnnydepp was a major viral movement, it was still primarily a grassroots effort. Until Johnny Depp won his case, the media was predominately pro-Amber Heard.
  11. Leaving Neverland - Three Years Later

    Just like with Britney, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, and now Johnny Depp. The only thing that the media loves more than building up a star is breaking them and documenting the downfall.
  12. Any ideas on when each available MJ concert footage was leaked/broadcatsed and who leaked/broadcasted them?

    Bucharest 1996 aired on ABC if I'm not mistaken. I remember some of the early bootlegs in circulation had the ABC logo on the bottom right corner.
  13. Is the "Vindicating Michael" blog a good source?

    I dont want to turn this into a political issue, but we need more people on the left to be vocal about MJ's innocence and defind him the same way they defended Johnny Depp. I unfortunately think that because of #metoo, theres a taboo twoards questioning accusers because I've seen MJ fans being...
  14. Is the "Vindicating Michael" blog a good source?

    Meanwhile in reality, Michael Jackson had NUMEROUS friends in the LGBT community and was against homophobia. One of the first major gay "bear" figures (stocky, bearded, masculine gay men) was Arnold Klein, one of MJ's few REALLY close friends. Not to mention I think that he had a gay filmmaker...
  15. The list of people, you want to avoid.

    Johnny Depp is interesting because in a sense, he became the new Michael Jackson. Someone who was the victim of false abuse allegations which the vast majority of the media and Hollywood believed the accuser, Amber Heard without question leading to Johnny losing movie deals and being removed...
  16. Discovery channel: Michael Jackson a faking it special

    Yeah I'm skipping this. You know, for all the criticism that MJ's gotten over getting plastic surgery, how much botox did Diane Dimond put in her face to look 40 even though she's like 70 now?
  17. HIStory tour live vocals

    I've noticed that when it comes to songs like Scream, TCDAU, Stranger in Moscow, Dangerous, Black or White, and even TWYMMF, it really does seem like only Sugarfoot and Jennifer Batten are the ones playing live and all the bass and keyboard parts appear to be ripped right from the album version...
  18. HIStory tour live vocals

    Maybe people have said that about the Bad and Dangerous tours, but it was widely considered until a few months ago that the HIStory tour was MJ miming to a track. Especially given the fact that his live vocals were made completley inaudible to the audience save for adlibs.
  19. HIStory tour live vocals

    I'm sure the MJ fanbase is aware of the bombshell that dropped this year about the HIStory tour, usually maligned for Michael and his band using backing tracks instead of live vocals and instrumentation. As it turns out, thanks to a recent soundboard recording that surfaced of the Munich 97...