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  1. behind the scenes/on the set

    Do you know if there is more ipctures with Naomi cambell (i mean no screencaps, but HQ shoots). I'd love them
  2. REQ: Pics of Tatiana on the set of leave me alone

    I love the first picture where she wear his jacket and they seems to be in a cage. I had never see this shot before. If there's more like that, please post... Thanks
  3. Michael giving a piercing look...

    I love the last shoot. Never seen before. Thank you very much. They are amazing.
  4. 28 HQ Victory Tour Photos (No Watermarks)

    Whaou ! Very good set. Awesome. Thank you for posting it here.
  5. Pro shoots of Thiller From Bad tour 88

    no pro shoots, but Low Quality screencaps. But good to see. Thanks
  6. ursh juice

    I didnt know about this. It's such a curious story. I'm gonna check this out. I like the billie jean quote
  7. A special thank you to MJJC !!!

    Congratulations, Girl.... I'm glad to know there are games and prizes to win!! And as i want my flag tooo, i'd like to know when and what to do to win mine. So here i am waiting for the next game too.
  8. RUMOR: MJ to duet with Ciara

    I must admit that i don't really like this idea... Not that i think that Ciara is a guy like others do, but i think she doesn't deserve it (yet).
  9. Madge's Brother Doing the LaToya?

    Why should we care... this is probably bullshit... This kind of things can only hurt. It's a shame that people care about it.
  10. Christian Audigier says he and MJ will launch new MJ clothing line

    Re: Michael Jackson To Launch Clothing Line I Want Mine... What a great idea! some date ?
  11. Which is Michael Jackson's Best Live Routine Performance?

    I don't think i could say which is the best... I like all his live performance. But I do approve your analyze.
  12. Most underrated songs?

    I don't know why I always thought KEEP THE FAITH was such an underrated Song. Nobody seems to remember this great song...
  13. BBC: Jackson turns 50 - Highs and Lows

    Some people will always need to hate so others. Particulary when, like Michael, he has the world in his hands. Some people just can't admit it. No one has done, and will never be able to do what MJJ Has...
  14. Wade Robson on star search

    Thank u guys; Now i know who it was... I was wondering but i realize i'm just a fool
  15. 12 Jun08..lots of mentionings..and see how Michael earns $$ off Madonna's biggest hit

    It'd be a shame if a man who has done so much for the world could be really broken... He'll always make money, forever.
  16. Michael Jackson's Incredible Achievements.

    It's Amazing ! Even if we all know he's the best ever, it's always surprising to see how much he's really done... This guy is such a genious...
  17. Mj 50th Birthday DVD VIDEO PROJECT!Not too late to join!Check PAGE 1 for new vids-YANA,SCREAM,WD&N !

    Re: Michael's 50th b-day present VIDEO PROJECT!UPDATED! HUMAN NATURE VIDEO - pg 1!POST YOUR MITM VID Yeah ! I'd like to do it too. Is it over yet or maybe i could try ???
  18. Michael in Jeans

    there are some invaluable pics here. Thank u guys for this work
  19. June 11, 2008: MJ News and Mentionings

    great post to remember the time... Thank you for this
  20. The Smile

    This thread is awesome. Thank you all for this. It reminds me so much things...