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  1. MykalsBaby

    Celebrating The King Of Pop's 59th Birthday

    Loving all the love he's receiving! Happy Birthday King!!
  2. MykalsBaby

    How old are you

    I'm 20
  3. MykalsBaby

    Hello MJFam

    Welcome to MJJC, KJ :)
  4. MykalsBaby

    Poll thiller25 or bad25

    Bad 25. I wore out the Wembley concert DVD. Adding to that, some of the new songs were really enjoyable.
  5. MykalsBaby

    New Pictures of Janet and her son Eissa

    He is so stinking cute !! And she looks really good!!
  6. MykalsBaby

    What's you favorite city?

    I was a I military brat, so I've been to a few states in the US and I've lived in Germany for a year and a half. My favorite cities that I've been to are Vilseck (simply because it was in Germany and it was my first time ever being in another country. It was awesome being immersed in a...
  7. MykalsBaby

    How much Michael Jackson vinyls do you have

    OTw, Thriller, Bad , Dangerous... still trying to get Invincible!! I also have some Jacksons/ Jackson 5 vinyl, some singles... my collections still growing though!!
  8. MykalsBaby

    How was summer so far

    Okay so far! I've been working non stop!
  9. MykalsBaby

    How Many Kid Fans (under 18) and How Many Adult Fans On Here?

    Re: How many mj kids fans on here and how many adults fans are on here 20:ciao:
  10. MykalsBaby

    Michael Jackson’s Halloween - New animated special coming this fall

    It'll be good for future generations to be introduced to Michael Jackson. Well see how it plays out.
  11. MykalsBaby

    Who is Going to See Janet Jackson in Concert?

    Re: Who is seeing janet jackson I sure am!! I saw her on the first leg of the Unbreakable World Tour. I'm hearing that the State of The World Tour will have some different elements and new merchandise.
  12. MykalsBaby

    Song Of The Week - Ease On Down The Road

    Love this song! The Wiz is one of my favorite movies!!
  13. MykalsBaby

    2008 ~ New Edition 25th Anniversary

    Finally got to watch the New Edition tribute on the BET Awards and it was excellent! Definitely was not expecting the whole NE cast to be participating, but they killed it!
  14. MykalsBaby

    Poll: Favorite Man In The Mirror Outfit

    Blue.... that Grammy performance alone!
  15. MykalsBaby

    Best title track

    History gets my vote! I just love what it stands for!
  16. MykalsBaby

    Remembering Michael on June 25th

    Michael you will forever be missed. There's no reason for me to be sad anymore, as I know that you're in a better place. I use this day as an opportunity to celebrate you, and will do so for many years to come! You're always in my heart, Michael!