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  1. Chicago 1945

    it is from bad era
  2. Chicago 1945

    Faces is not complete. It has only Michael's speech
  3. Could MJ play guitar part in Stranger in Moscow and Morphine?

    My friend claims that MJ could play the guitar, is true or not? As far as i know MJ couldn't play any instrument.... he made music with his voice.... he always had voice recorder, which he used to record his beatbox...
  4. Invincible album track-list

    But during Invincible era he made more songs than in every previous era... So you are not right :/
  5. Invincible album track-list

    You are my life is a masterpiece. Michael loved this song.... its much better than shout
  6. Invincible album track-list

    i dont agree with you. Cry is a very good song. Just like Man in the mirror and HTW. I think it is even better
  7. Invincible album track-list

    So he had do to it in hurry? Sony are such idiots.... PWN, SWLM, BG, X, - these songs could be a hit for sure! And they deserved to be a single with videoclip
  8. Invincible album track-list

    I said somewhere that Invincible didnt have any hit? Get a brain, man.... Its my favourite album:)
  9. Invincible album track-list

    but he didn't have a chance to complete songs, that could be real hits.
  10. Invincible album track-list

    so you're claiming that it is the truth?
  11. Invincible album track-list

    Is it the truth that Michael was forced by Sony to release Invincible album as soon as possible, giving him no opportunity to finish really good songs like Blue Gangsta, The Way You Love Me and so on? I just found the information, that he had to choose the most complete songs for Invincible...
  12. How would you compile a new posthumous album?

    i highly doubt it was made by Michael... there is a lot of messy sounds.... Most likely it is fans mix or mix made by some other people.... But its definately not Michael's.... that is MJ's version. And it is the best version of BG for sure
  13. How would you compile a new posthumous album?

    it sounds worse than original one... i doubt that michael did that...
  14. How would you compile a new posthumous album?

    i like Xscape album scheme of releasing unreleased material.... Its much better than Michael's scheme... Beacuse in this way everybody got satisfied: old fans that dont like remixes and new generation.... that will love MJ because of cool remixes... Remixes is a good thing, but we also need...
  15. How would you compile a new posthumous album?

    what version of blue gangsta you are talking about? there was only one original version....
  16. Mature Era - Michael in the 2000s

    you mean lipstick?
  17. Simple question, have you listened to the 2 new leaks?

    What leaks are you talking about? Can somebody share it
  18. Why was everything out of place/wrong with Invincible?

    Exactly!!! I think that HT is a modern version of Billie Jean too! Just like BG is modern version of SC! And it could get a cool video clip with YRMW style