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    Anyone from Portugal?

    So since Mjj community is a world I want to know if there is someone here from Portugal. If so what cities are you guys from? I'm from Porto by the way.
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    Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year!

    I know is kinda soon, but I want to wish you all good holidays. I hope the next year be great and let´s hope that all the shit that happened this year will disappear. ;)
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    Michael Jackson changed me

    He did changed me. The night he died I was 16 years old (been a fan since the age of 5) watching tv and suddenly the news of his dead hit the screen. I didn't cry and stood Frozen, felt nothing. Then, the morning came and the first thing I saw on the TV was The way you make me feel, followed by...
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    Have I done something wrong?

    Im only in this forum since last week but I realized something had happened since I sent a friend request to a person. After that, that person stopped replying to my threads and even wrote a blog "dont send me friends requests". I think whats written there was for me because it was a coincidence...
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    Tatiana Thumbtzen

    What do you guys think about her? A stalker or a woman in love? I always thought they had chemistry.
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    Why Latoya dressed exactly like Michael back in the day?

    Does anyone knows? I noticed that she dressed just like him and I don´t know if it was something they both agree on, or it was just Latoya trying to be like his brother? I noticed that her hair was exactly like Michael´s, especially during the late 80´s.
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    What was the last Michael song you guys listened to?

    Mine was P.Y.T and it was before I went to sleep :laughing:
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    10 years without Michael

    Hey,I´m new at this forum so I don´t really know if this post was already posted. Its been ten years without one of the most important persons in my life and I want to know how you guys feel about him, his music, how have you been coping with him not being here anymore... As I said sorry if...