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  1. xoxHannaHPYTxox

    Thank you Michael and MJJC....

    THAT is soooo cute :wub: Well done MJ! heheh playin cupid up there ;)
  2. xoxHannaHPYTxox

    MJ well P**sed in this

    aww his glasses! Haha. What did he say??
  3. xoxHannaHPYTxox

    What did you hate the most about LWMJ?

    I also agree with this, which is why I cant watch it but i do want to watch it because MJ was super sweet and funny and just.. himself. I hated Bashir's narration when he would turn a perfectly inocent/generous/cute/pure situation or comment into something nasty. Its like, when i first watched...
  4. xoxHannaHPYTxox

    Michael's Flight Meals (Timid Flyer)

    Pahaha. I have a feeling he's a fan of KFC, strawberry jelly and spray butter?! I havent even heard of spray butter :fear: LOL how was he not the size of a house!!!
  5. xoxHannaHPYTxox

    was Michael a video game nerd?

    Me too! Out of all the games consoles the first one i can picture him on is the Wii!! I hope he had one i love the image I have in my head of him playing tennis or bowling haha aww. Speaking of dance mats, I like to think of myslef as a dance mat pro!! hehe :D I have been waiting for them to...
  6. xoxHannaHPYTxox

    Just forget it!

    Im not scared of the dark anymore. I dont sleep with the lights on anymore, i lie awake in the dark hoping Ill see him :(
  7. xoxHannaHPYTxox

    Just forget it!

    "I do know God is good, and I do know that as much as we may feel, and we do, that we need Michael here with us, God must have needed him more" - Stevie Wonder :cry:
  8. xoxHannaHPYTxox

    Have you ever cried watching Michael perform?

    I was never lucky enough too see Michael perform live, I had tickets for This Is It and I will always wonder how I would have reacted if I had seen him, extremely hysterical, I imagine. After June I could barely watch any of my VHS/DVDs of Michael because it was so gut wrenchingly painful - we...
  9. xoxHannaHPYTxox

    Pet Peeves

    If I had kids id want MJ to babysit them all the time :P coz he'd be such a good influence on them plus he's so intelligent and insightful.
  10. xoxHannaHPYTxox

    MJ iPhone / iPod App

    wooowwweee id love this! I can hardly find any MJ apps :(
  11. xoxHannaHPYTxox

    My nephew went to school dressed as Michael!

    Haha!! I saw the other thread and thought it would be fun to tell you all about this, another story to exhibit the next generation of MJ fans! So my nephew is 5 and when asked which celebrity he wanted to go to his first school dressed as, he instantly said Michael Jackson. woopee! I did all...
  12. xoxHannaHPYTxox

    Pet Peeves

    This!! I have too many pet peeves but why is it i can only think of very few right now? I dont like rude customers! I also hate it when customers get notes out with their TEETH or put the money in their mouth before giving it to me if theyre juggling different items and have their hands full...
  13. xoxHannaHPYTxox

    What websites do you always visit when you're online?

    Facebook (so addictive i cant stand it! lol) Googlemail MJJC of course :D makeupalley (my username is xoxHannaHxox if anyone likes cosmetic reviews! Im just gettin started) lookfantastic/hqhair/general beauty websites Youtube.. i never have the problem of being on there for hours, i get bored, i...
  14. xoxHannaHPYTxox

    MJ fan Peter Andre to cover MJ and pay tribute. School cover Will You Be There for charity.

    I think Peter Andre is one of the most genuine and lovely people out there right now. I watched that video of the interview yesterday and thought it was horrific! It was so sad how they did that to him, they showed that video and said all those things to provoke him! They knew it would hit a...
  15. xoxHannaHPYTxox

    Amazing video of MJ's Crypt at Forest Lawn Yesterday!

    All the things you took in looked amazing. He wuld be so happy knowing that he is surrounded by all these flowers and gifts and to know that we will never forget and we will never leave his side. :(
  16. xoxHannaHPYTxox

    Beautiful tribute videos

    All of these are beautiful :( This is mine - Im not very good at YouTube so it hasnt got many views or comments :( oh well, i made it for MJ and the fans
  17. xoxHannaHPYTxox

    Thinking of getting a MJ tattoo - Tatoo advice/tips [ Merged ]

    Re: Thinking of getting a MJ tattoo Im sure thats my friend Julia?!!
  18. xoxHannaHPYTxox

    Something that bugs me!

    Haha that can be annoying :P Im sure all will be fine though! The worst one has to be "We need to talk..."
  19. xoxHannaHPYTxox

    Beyonce Copies MJ Waaaaaaay Too Much

    I think some of the comparisons i dont really get, like comparing Aaliyah's more than a woman with check on it ? I think im being stupid and missing something? I CANT BELIEVE that they didnt show Beyonce's "If I were a boy" being a complete rip of Ciara's "Like a Boy" even the whole black and...
  20. xoxHannaHPYTxox

    Who do you think is the most OVERRATED female artist today?

    hmm I think Lady Gaga. The reason why she's so big is because she's so over the top with her style that I think she tries to hard. From what ive seen of interviews, she seems quite rude aswell. Then again, I think she is an ok role model for the younger generation as she may inspire people's...