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  1. Nantucket Cat

    The 'Nevermind" baby is suing Nirvana

    I saw this article and thought there were some interesting parallels between this story and the accusations against Michael. This kind of thing is a real slap in the face to people who have actually had things like this happen to them...
  2. Nantucket Cat

    Gary, Indiana Hard Rock Casino

    Yesterday I went to the new (just opened on Friday, and Tito and Marlon were there for that) Hard Rock Casino in Gary, and they have a whole room dedicated to the Jackson family, in addition to plenty of other Jackson 5 and MJ-related stuff throughout the rest of the place. I'm currently having...
  3. Nantucket Cat

    NYT Article About False Accusations Fascinating (and sad) read about a professor dealing with false accusations of inappropriate behavior. Thought it might be of interest here since it has so many parallels to stuff Michael had to deal with...
  4. Nantucket Cat

    I made a blanket!

    Invincible album cover blanket
  5. Nantucket Cat


    Really surprised there isn't already a thread here about Rocketman. I saw it on Saturday, and it is absolutely incredible. I'm a big fan of musicals, so I particularly appreciate how they incorporated Elton John's songs into the story.
  6. Nantucket Cat

    Simpsons episode "Stark Raving Dad"

    Just in case anyone here hasn't seen the Simpsons episode Stark Raving Dad (the one with MJ that they pulled from rotation because of LN), I discovered last night that it's available on Youtube in 5 parts. (Not linking here in case that's not allowed for copyright reasons. Mods, if it's okay to...
  7. Nantucket Cat

    Article about how celebrities get scammed Mods, if this is too off-topic, feel free to move it, but I think it's relevant to discussion of Michael. (Plus he is mentioned in the article.) The article mostly deals with alternative medicine-related scams that...
  8. Nantucket Cat

    Songs you wish Michael had covered

    Pretty self-explanatory title. The two big ones for me are Dirty Laundry by Don Henley and What About by Janet Jackson. Dirty Laundry in particular seems like it would have fit well on the HIStory album, since it follows a similar theme to Tabloid Junkie, DS, and Money.
  9. Nantucket Cat


    Anyone here ever been on a game show? I'm taking the test on Wednesday to try to get on Jeopardy. (This will actually be my second attempt to be a contestant.) Even if I don't end up qualifying, I'm super excited for this!
  10. Nantucket Cat

    A thought about Oprah

    Something keeps coming to my mind about Oprah, specifically regarding her viewing of LN on the yacht. Wasn't that day on the yacht her birthday celebration this year? Assuming she believes the accusations in it, who the hell would want to invite people to their birthday party to watch that?! (I...
  11. Nantucket Cat

    Old drawing I did

    Can't believe I drew this nearly 10 years ago. (It might look familiar to some of you; I've posted it on and Positively Michael as well.) We need some more cute positivity around here, so here you go!