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  1. What exactly will happen June 25th?

    Hello I'm very sory posting my text in this forum but I don't really know where I can do it :s So we are the June 21 2010 and it was approximatly 1 years that I'm MJ's fan. In my city they is not a event the June 25 ..... so I make the party alone ^^ Like everyone Michael miss me so much and I...
  2. What Are You Listening To?

    Re: What are you listening to? Mika - Kick ass :)
  3. Your favorite love song? .. (except MJ)

    Des'ree - I'm kinssig you Aerosmith - I don't wanna miss a thing Sting - Shape of my heart Mariah Carrey - Endless love Elton John - Moon river Mariah Carrey - All I want for Christmas is you Stevie Wonder - I never drem you leave in summer Aaron - Lili ... and full of the other one :)
  4. Goodnight Michael

    Wahou your poems are very beautiful moving. We share all the same pain.
  5. It's really not my week...

    Oooohhh vraiment désolé Carine tous va s'arranger on est tous avec toi :)
  6. Prince Appreciation Thread - For Fans

    Re: Prince........... I don't relly know Prince but I likked weel Purple rain movie and I loooooove "I would die 4 U"
  7. Lyon (France) - Aything with Michael there?

    Sorry I'm french I from Toulouse and I just know Michael have make the History Tour in 25 june 1997 in Lyon :) But if you want buy cd, dvd, books, posters, tee shirt... of Michael my favorite magasin it's Virgin or Fnac :)
  8. MJ Fans on Social Media

    Re: MJJC Member Youtube Channels. Hey everybody it's my channel :) I have make a new video for Michael, say me what do you it think ;)
  9. I love you

    ooooohhhhh thank you very much I love you all too!!! :D But why you are sad Subis ??? :(
  10. French MJ Fans

    Hey salut tous le monde :) Vous avez vu le 6 mai Travis et les danseurs de Michael sont à Paris pour un spectacle et le 1 juin Nick Bass et Misha Gabriel donne un cour de danse à Paris et le 2 juin à lyon. Vous y participerez ??
  11. Was you fan of MJ before or after his death?

    After his death :S but I regret so much not to have known him when he was alive. I am really stupid when I say of my circle that I always listen him music, I take a school of dance for dance like him and he miss me many they don't understand my pain. I know very well that I would never been a...
  12. Have you guys seen this video?

    Yes I have alredy seen this video and I loooove it !!!
  13. MJ Fans on Social Media

    Re: Member Facebook ! :)
  14. Happy Easter to you and The Jacksons family.

    "life is like a box of chocolates you never know what your going to get." Thank you happy Easter to you too :) L.O.V.E
  15. French MJ Fans

    Salut merci pour le lien je participerais à celui de Toulouse et vous ??
  16. French MJ Fans

    Mdr oui oui il est toujours vivant mais il a vraiment eu du mal a l'avoir et il le vendrait pour rien au monde !!
  17. French MJ Fans

    Oooohhh vraient désolé Mjkop4ever tu dois étre vraiment triste... Bin enfaite moi je suis fan que depuis sa mort :/ (mais je suis super fan quand même). Et pour moi aussi plus les jours passent et plus je deviens fan et plus je deviens fan et plus il me manque. Je suis jamais allée voir un de...
  18. French MJ Fans

    Salut oui oui je vais super bien et vous ? :) Merci pour le lien :) Pour le 5 avril il y a un rassemblement dans ma ville et j'ai prévu d'y aller. En même temp je ne suis pas forcemant contre le docteur Murray mais c'est juste pour le plaisir de ce rassembler avec d'autre fans :)
  19. French MJ Fans

    Hey salut moi aussi je suis française. Aahh c'est cool qu'on soit plusieurs, au mois pour parler avec vous je n'aurais pas besoin de reverso :)
  20. 9 months today

    Wake up in the morning, stumble on my life, can't get no love without sacrifice. If anything should happen, I guess I wish you well. A little bit of heaven, but a little bit of hell This is the hardest story that I've ever told, no hope, or love, or glory. Happy endings gone forever more. I...