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  1. CaribbeanQueen

    Politics of Michael Jackson Fans

    I'd say I'm a moderate, but I lean slightly to the left of the political chart. I try not to follow party lines when it comes to an election. For instance, I'm a Democrat, but I'm supporting a Republican whose running for city commissioner. Why? Because he's policies are better than the...
  2. CaribbeanQueen

    Hi there :D

    Hi there :D
  3. CaribbeanQueen

    My drawings of Michael Jackson

    wow, you are *very* talented! I especially love your anime one of Michael in court. Very original! Keep up with your talents :)
  4. CaribbeanQueen

    Spike Lee To Hold MJ BDay Celebration In NYC!

    uuuggghhh! this makes me wish I lived somewhere cool :( *sigh* I'm happy for all you guys that can make it though! you're gonna have a blast! :yes:
  5. CaribbeanQueen

    Needing help with a bully?

    :better: Tamou, I must agree with the other posters in that the threats by this boy should be taken seriously. If he is an online friend, I'd say if it's possible, you should document any instance where he's harrassed you and/or threatened you. This includes facebook messages, status...
  6. CaribbeanQueen

    Ultimate Warrior talking trash about Michael ?

    The ultimate who? :smilerolleyes: Dude, what's up with all these random P-list "I've been on t.v before so I assume people actually care what I have to say" 'celebrities' coming out of the woodworks talking badly about Michael? He's practically irrelevant. He only wants attention, and...
  7. CaribbeanQueen

    Are you a 90's kid?

    Ghost Writer fans unite! Did you know that Samuel L. Jackson was one of the fathers on Ghost Writer? I never knew that! Now whenever I watch clips on youtube I feel wierd....maybe because I keep expecting him to curse somebody out or somethin' :rofl: But not that many people I talk to...
  8. CaribbeanQueen

    Is South African Women's Gold Medalist Runner Really a Man?

    Maybe she's just got strong features? :mello:
  9. CaribbeanQueen

    Name your 10 Favourite Animated Characters (5 Males & 5 Females)

    Cool thread, OP! The Ladies: Helga: Other than her stalker tendencies, we're very much alike. Belle from "Beauty and the Beast". I liked her 'cuz she liked to read. "Monie" from "Hey Monie": This was such a good show! It used to come on Oxygen but I guess they cut it :( Pepper...
  10. CaribbeanQueen

    Christian Members

    Re: Any Believers in Jesus Christ Here? The One, thank you for posting that beautiful love letter! That was the most beautiful thing i've ever read. Ever. :wub: I'm gonna save it! I couldn't agree with you more :yes: I call on Christ for comfort. When I'm sad or upset or even afraid. He's...
  11. CaribbeanQueen

    Charles Manson follower released from prison.

    I was just watching a documentary about Charles Manson and his followers yesterday. The crimes they commited were atrocious to say the least. What they did to the victims was just inhumane! I don't believe she should be set free. Not one bit. I'm all for forgiveness, but justice needs to be...
  12. CaribbeanQueen

    What Are You Listening To?

    Re: What are you listening to? Righteous Brothers: "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'"
  13. CaribbeanQueen

    Are you a 90's kid?

    Made in the 80's and raised in the 90's! I was born in '88, and while sometimes I wish I was born in the 60's or 70's, I can't complain about the 90's because that was the next best thing! That was an awesome decade. My favorite thing to come out of the 90's had to have been: all the 90's...
  14. CaribbeanQueen

    Have a good laugh These are a funny!!

    thanks for that laugh! Pictures 2 and 7 are my favorite!
  15. CaribbeanQueen

    Any tears left ??

    :better: It's very hard :( I go through cycles I think. I've not listened to him as much because I start to feel sad again. I was fine until I saw a video montage on youtube. It was clips of Michael and Smokey Robinson's "Really gonna miss you" was the music. I started crying again. But i'm...
  16. CaribbeanQueen

    Christian Members

    Re: Any Believers in Jesus Christ Here? I am! Jesus is my rock :wub:
  17. CaribbeanQueen

    Michael paid for Temptation Furneral in 1991!!

    I never knew this. Wow, thanks OP for sharing! What a beautiful, thoughtful person Michael was. Such compassion he had. It's one thing to feel sad for someone and the situation they're in. It's another to actually take action and *do* something to help them. Michael took the initiative. I can't...
  18. CaribbeanQueen

    Anyone else tired of sexism and racist rolemodels in music?

    I know what you mean. I don't really listen to mainstreme music that much anymore. But I also agree with DuranDuran's post. It's not really like any of this is new. But what I do believe is that now things are more overt. I remember when I used to listen to an old school song that was about...
  19. CaribbeanQueen

    Merged: Psychics channel Michael

    Re: Psychic channels Michael Well, I'm sorry I misinterpreted your post. It's really easy to misunderstand tone on the internet and for that I am truely sorry :) We all have different opinions here, and I really respect that. :shakehands
  20. CaribbeanQueen

    Merged: Psychics channel Michael

    Re: Psychic channels Michael :mello: What's with the sarcasm? I gave my opinion in what I felt to be a respectful manner. Just because you and I disagree on this doesn't mean you have to catch a tone of condescension. I lurked this thread--all 20 somthing pages and it felt like a large...